Travelling A Thousand Miles Alone 千里独行 qiān lǐ dú xíng

This endgame composition is another one of the Big Four. It is also one of the most complex endgame compositions of all time! Like The Gathering of the Seven Stars, it is basically a chariot vs pawn study.

According to the ancient rules and AXF rules, it would have been ruled a draw in some of the variations. However, it would a Black win if the modern day Chinese rules were adhered to. This endgame puzzle is also known by another name, 策杖独行 (cè zhàng dú xíng), which when translated would literally means "Walking alone with a walker". 千里独行 or Travelling a Thousand Miles Alone is perhaps more well known.


Travelling a Thousand Miles in Solitude

Incidentally, this endgame composition was also selected by the Webmater to be on the front page of the Lexicon, as it represented his predicament in the early years of promoting Xiangqi over the night.

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