This page has been added to inform the reader of the latest additions or uploads to the site.

20201220: Do check out the videos that I have been uploading like crazy the past few weeks! They are available on the website's Youtube Channel. Have also added several more instalments on the history of Xiangqi. Check out the page on the history of Xiangqi.

20201208: The electrical utitilies board where I host my site needs to change the wires. The site would be down for a few hours today. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Add many new articles since my last annoucement here. Please refer to the latest additions page.

20201021: Still preparing for the next instalment of the history of Xiangqi. Added five new commentated games (Board 11-15) of the Top 50 Brevities 03
20201015: Discovered that I had forgot to write a subsection in the fourth instalment on the history of Xiangqi. Have added it.
20201014: Been on another short vacation. Addded a commentated game to the annotated games of 2020 and also the fourth instalment on the history of Xiangqi.
20201007: Been on vacation! But added a commentated game with also a video on Youtube to the annotated games of 2020.
20201001: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Added a long article on the history of Xiangqi.
20200928: Been hardworking. Added several articles over the past few days, including the biographies of Wang Jialiang, Wang Tianyi and Xu Chao. Also added an introduction to the titles in Xiangqi and another introduction to Handicap Matches in Xiangqi which contains a very famous NINE-PIECE handicap match by Xu Yinchuan against Weiqi legend Nie Weiping.
20200924: Over the past few deays, I have up loaded several articles, the Benefits of learning xiangqi for children, Origins of Xiangqi: General overview, Origins of Xiangqi: Mythical Origins, and two new pages with a total of ten commentated games: Top 50 Brevities 01, Top 50 Brevities 02. Check out the category. If you find my articles ok or have constructive criticisms, please email the Webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
20200919: Added Chapter 3 of Basic Xiangqi Tactics: Capturing material. Love the examples given there.
20200917: Added two lengthy articles, Xiangqi proverbs for Game and Life.
20200914 The Rules of Xiangqi have been added
20200913: Added four articles over the past two days. They include List of Xiangqi books that are not in English or Chinese. The Benefits of Playing Xiangqi, An introduction to the Opposite Direction Cannons and an introduction to Xiangqi Tag Team Matches.
20200909: Added The Case for Xiangqi over Chinese Chess. Had to get it off my chest. Have also added a featured articles section to the website.
20200904: Added Chapter 2 of Basic Xiangqi Tactics. Going to do the videos for clearer explanations.
20200903: Site crashed for a while yesterday when the was tinkering with some of the parameters...sigh. Anyway, the Webmaster found the files to the Sandwiched Horse Defense Treatise and uploaded almost all of them. A fraction of the videos have not been done which I will try to do with the new headphone, mic and camera. Simply love Logitech!  Also squeezed some time to do a short article on the Mandarin Duck Cannons.
20200831: Finally finished another lengthy article on a simple introduction on how to analyze the situation in Xiangqi.
20200929: No, have not been slacking. I decided that I could improve on the introductory portion in the Basics section and rewrote all of them.
20200819: Re-done the introduction to endgames page where much new information has been added. Also managed to finalize the Openings Section Menu Bar. Will be adding a lot of new material very soon.
20200817: Forgot to link the two very long articles which took me over two weeks to research, classify and write. Orthodox Openings in Xiangqi & Unorthodox Openings in Xiangqi. Have finally found a way to present the Xiangqi openings. More content will be added soon.
2020-08-07 Working on another idea that I have procrastinated for many years: a simple introduction to the opening tabiat. Will do a video, after my new mic appears. Meanwhile, I am pleased to say that IM Chao Ifan has agreed to help me by donating annotated games when he has the time. Click here for the first instalment.
2020-08-04: Added some videos that I could find on the topic of history of Xiangqi. Videos trying to explain the origins of chess, from both the view points Chinese and Western historians have been added. Click here. Also found a nice short board with commentary from a match back in 2004 between to women Grandmasters. Commentary was by the winner of the match, WGM Wang Linna.
2020-08-03: Took me over one week just to research this article: Comparing Xiangqi and International Chess. Hope it helps! Since I have started research on frequently asked questions about Xiangqi, please email me if you have anything that you would like the answer for. Have also added a video playlist of some of the better videos on the history of Xiangqi that I have found on Youtube.
2020-08-02 Been researching some material for future articles. Hope you like the video on teaching children Xiangqi that was uploaded yesterday. Also, uploaded over 30 pages, >300 puzzles to the daily puzzles section.
2020-07-25 Re-organized the article on Xie Xiaxun by Mumen Xiansheng. Contains some very valuable Xiangqi photographs. Want to keep my site under 2000 pages this time.
2020-07-25 Re-did the introduction to Basic Kills in Xiangqi (Chinese Chess). Please give me some feed back.
2020-07-20: Added a few hundred daily puzzles from the old collection. Should keep you busy for a while. Please visit the Xiangqi puzzles sections.
2020-07-19: Uploaded the entire Lan Ke Shen Ji ancient manual. Have been exceptionally busy at work the pst week and I apologise for the low output.
2020-07-17: Went over the site and finished some unfinished pages in the Basic Kills Section. Some of the stuff that were initially thought to have been lost have been found and I have been arranging the boards. Hopefully, the Webmaster will be able to produce a video to show the site and its new features soon. Work on the history book has been stalled too, for 2 months now.

2020-07-14 Finally, all the game records of the Five Rams Cup have now been uploaded. Have also uploaded two ancient manuals: Wu Shaolong's Xiangqi Manual and the Games between Shi and Yang. These two ancient manuals are unique in that they are the earliest, still extant, xiangqi ancient manuals that contain records of actual matches played. The level of play shown was a reflection of Xiangqi in the 18th century.
2020-07-13: Took me a few days to get the Five Rams Cup reorganized, adding some simple Vietnamese and rearranging the order of the boards. But at least they are now ready. The 1st to 24th tournament game records are now out. For those who do not know, the Five Rams Cup was THE most high level Xiangqi tournament in its time. Unfortunately, the event is now defunct. It is 2am in the morning and there are still about 170 boards to go. Will upload them over the next few day. Thus far, there are almost 800 pages, and over 3000 boards at least on the site. More work to be done!
2020-07-10: Been busy! The Unparalled Plum Flower Manual is now out. Have also added the clearance tactic to the midgame section. Also added the 1991 Baoren Cup King of Same Direction Cannons Xiangi tournament. Only the Same Direction Cannons were allowed to be played in that unique tournament. Unfortunately, there has not been any similar event. Added the Dreams of Divine Positions ancient manual.
2020-07-09: There were too many corrupt files in the 2006 A League Games and it wook me a few days to correct them and get them uploaded... Finally done! The 2005 A League Games were also uploaded a few days ago but I forgot to announce it here.
2020-07-04: Added several pages on endgame compositions, the longest puzzles the Webmaster can find, and endgame compositions in the form of pictures, Arabic numbers, English alphabets and Chinese characters. The beauty and ingenuity shown in the creations speaks for themselves!
2020-07-03: Added the earliest records of Xiangqi games still extant, way back about a thousand years ago in the Southern Song Dynasty. Also uploaded Extremely Brilliant Xiangqi Manual and Gems in the Satchet, two alleged ancient manuals but whose puzzles should benefit the beginner greatly. Please to say that there are about 500 pages on my site now, and definitely over 2000-3000 interactive boards that have been uploaded. About the third of the original site has now been transferred.
2020-07-01:Finally finished redoing the section on Basics of Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) opening, and uploaded all the commentated games that were uploaded in 2012, and also a short summary of CPC Openings.
2020-06-30: Finsihed uploading the ancient manual, the Invincible Xiangqi Manual.
2020-06-29: Finished uploading the entire Secret in the Tangerine Series. And also an Endgames Dictionary for rapid reference. The Big Four Endgame Compositions of all time are also out. The Gathering of the Seven Stars took me hours... which brought back painful memories when I did the same thing a decade ago... There are now about 400 pages on the site. Still about 2000 more to go before the site returns to its former glory. Have added some new features but will only produce a video when enough material is added. There still seems to be an issue with the IP which I have to wait till the next few days to resolve. If you do not add 'www' to xqinenglish, it would go to another link... Perhaps it was a bug that occurred when I transferred the site with help from a computer programmer. Will have to wait and see.
2020-06-27: Finished uploading the entire Elegant Pastime Manual and the 2003 A League games. But for some unknown reason, it has not shown on the latest articles list. Have moved about 300 pages from the old website and am organizing some of the old content, especially the daily puzzles from the early days into a more palatable format. Have also added an interactive feature to search for ECCO tags. Will make a video on how to use the site when enough content can be uploaded. Will try to upload a few more books over the next few days.
2020-06-22: The problem with the interactive boards has been rectified. And several new pages have been added.
2020-06-17: The Website has now been transferred to the the new IP address. There was an initial error where the boards would now show, but that problem has been rectified. From 2020-06-17 today onwards, only major periodic annoucements will be mentioned. Please check the window on the right hand side of the page to see the new articles that I have added. The daily video uploads might be postponed a little bit as I need to add the old content and move the site..
2020-05-22:The boards that have been uploaded the past week are now out. Click here. After much deliberation and procrastination, I have decided to move my site to a new IP address the next month. Thank you for a great decade and I hope more will come. I will continue promoting Xiangqi, in English, as long as my body and mind permits. My IP will come only in early June, but the name of the website will not be changed. Thank you again.
2020-05-15: The boards that have been uploaded the past week are now out. Click here. Hope you have liked the videos that I have done the past fortnight on Principles of Opening Theory, Part 1 and Part 2.
2020-05-08: The boards that have been uploaded the past week are now out. Click here.
2020-05-01: The boards that have been uploaded the past week are now out. Click here.
2020-04-24: The boards that have been uploaded the past week are now out. Click here. Hope all is well with all Xiangqi lovers around the world. 2020-04-17: The boards that have been uploaded the past week are now out. Click here.
2020-04-10: The boards that have been uploaded the past week are now out. Click here. 2020-04-03 The boards that have been uploaded the past week are now out. Click here. The exam was cancelled the last minute because of social distancing measure... Disrupted my schedule quite a bit. Still working hard on the history book which is becoming a monster.
2020-03-27 The boards that have been uploaded the past week are now out. Click here. I have an exam to take (yes, an exam...) on Saturday and that was why no video with English commentary was uploaded this week. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
2020-03-20 The boards that have been uploaded the past wk are now out. Click here. The pandemic is getting more and more serious day by day. Hope all stay safe and healthy.
2020-03-13 Black Friday. Chaos in many parts of the world. Hope our friends in Italy, France, England, et cetera stay safe! The boards that have been uploaded the past wk are now out. Click here.
2020-03-06 The boards that have been uploaded the past wk are now out. Click here.
2020-02-28 The boards that have been uploaded the past wk are now out. Click here. Joomla is taking longer than I expected...getting old. 2020-02-21 The boards that have been uploaded the past wk are now out. Click here.
2020-02-14 Happy Valentine's Day!!! Amidst the Covid 19 epidemic that we have now, we need some positivity to encourage the medical personnel working on the front-lines trying to identify new patients, contain the outbreak and treat new patients. Remember, it is but a disease, not a curse. The webmaster is a doctor himself and it has been very stressful the past month. Xiangqi promotion has to go on, but work has been especially tiring now. I am also well past 40 now and the body sometimes cannot catch up with the will. I am also in the midst of learning Joomla, as the this year would mark a decade of Xiangqi promotion, in English, with the website. I hope to move the website to another place to cut costs. I have considered placing ads in the past but somehow Google would not allow. Anyway, it has been a great decade and very fulfilling for me. Hope that there will be many more decades to go on. The boards that have been uploaded the past wk are now out. Click here.
2020-02-07 The boards that have been uploaded the past wk are now out. Click here. Just got back from holidays. I have some sudden unexpected business to attend to over the next wk. The boards will still go on, but I may not have time for a new video.
2020-02-03 The boards that have been uploaded the past wk are now out. Click here. Just got back from holidays.
2020-01-24 The boards that have been uploaded the past wk are now out. Click here. It is the Chinese New Year and this would be the Year of the Rat! I will be on holiday but I have preset the videos next wk. If you want to see a preview of the matches next week, please click here. May all improve tremendously in Xiangqi!
2020-01-17 The boards that have been uploaded the past wk are now out. Click here. Still working on a new history book on Xiangqi. 2020-01-10 The boards that have been uploaded the past wk are now out. Preparing for the Chinese New Year in 2-3 wks time. Click here.
2020-01-03 Happy New Year again! The Chinese New Year is toward the end of the month, starting to prepare for it! The boards that have been uploaded the past wk are now out. Click here.
2019-12-29 It is the time of the year again to wish all a Happy and Prosperous New Year! May all scale new heights in Xiangqi. The 2019 archives are now out too.

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