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20211227 Belated Merry Xmas to all. I had my 3rd booster Covid jab last week and was unwell for 2days. Added some new pages to the site: Beifang Qiyi article part 2,  Article on an ancient encyclopedia Wan Bao Quan Shu Part 1, and also some of the boards on the commentaries from published the past few weeks.

20211217 Sorry for not having updated the website for 2wks. There was a technical glitch with the website and I was not able to upload any pictures used in the articles. It took me over 2 wks to resolve the issue. Was on the verge on giving up altogether... Have uploaded the first intallment of the article on Beifang Qiyi, one of the most important magazines in Xiangqi. Will try to do a little bit more on the website since it is fixed for the moment.
20211204 Added a short article on Midgame theory in Xiangqi (Chinese Chess).
20211201 Added the ans to the puzzles published in entire November. Also added the interactive boards to the annotated games which have been published as videos in the past. This would be the second page of Annotated games from Deception and Countermeasures in the Xiangqi Opening Part 2.
20211126 The third and final article inspecting the hypothesis that Han Xin inventerd Xiangqi is now out.
20211119 The second article inspecting the hypothesis of Han Xin as the inventor of Xiangqi is now out.
20211112 Added the first article inspecting the hypothesis of Han Xin (韩信) as the inventor of Xiangqi. It is the first of a series of three articles discussing this hypothesis.
20211107 Was busy with some of the family matters that I forgot to upload. The second article (continuation) on major competitions in China is now out. Also found some time to add the annotated games that I published some time ago.
20211102 Have added the answers to the puzzles in October that I have published on Facebook.
20211030 Another article introducing the Xiangqi tournaments in China is now out. It is the first of two articles on the subject and should serve to introduce the important tournaments well.
20211023 Added a new article introducing the Major International Xiangqi Tournaments in Xiangqi.
20211015 Site is more or less back to normal. Still have to work out a few bugs. Added a new article on midgame tactic:the tactic of of sacrificing
20211008 Site crashed for a few days, and I could not upload. Added a new article examining the hypothesis that  Zhang Liang invented Xiangqi.
20211002 Added the answers to the puzzles published in Sept.
20211001 Added a new article on basic midgame tacitcs: maneuvering material.
20210924 Added a new article explaining why the game is sometimes called the Game in the Tangerine. Very interesting bit of history.
20210917 Added a very important article explaining why the colors are Red and Black, the Royal Rule et cetera.
20210910 Added a new page on basic midgame tactics which discusses how to trade material.
20210909 Added the last two pages (page 9 and page 10) to the Top 50 Brevities Pages. Have managed to embed the videos on Youtube too so that the viewer can compare the video comments and the board at his perusal.
20210903 Added a new article on Basic Xiangqi Midgame Tactics: Capturing Material, and also the answers to the puzzles that were published on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in Aug 2021.
20210827 Added an introduction to the Chu-Han Contention and its possible relations with the origins of Xiangqi.
20210820 Added a new article on Basic Xiangqi midgame tactics.
20210813 Added an interview with a good friend Wang Ge! The interview will discuss his insights on Xiangqi promotion in Europe where Wang Ge is one of the top promoters.

20210806 Added two puzzles that can be seen on Facebook and the solutions to the first puzzle. Also added a new article on Throwing the Xiangqi Set Away which discusses a few interesting incidences of thrwoing the Xiangqi set away.
20210730 Added a new article: Free Online Resources for Xiangqi.
20210723 Added another article on terms for the opening systems in Xiangqi (Chinese Chess).
20210716 Added a new article: Glossary of Xiangqi Opening Terms.
20210709 The second  article introducing Xiangqi ancient manuals in the Qing Dynasty: Part 2 is now out.
20210702 Added the first article of two introducing the Xiangqi ancient manuals in the Qing Dynasty.
20210625 Added a short article introducing one of the unorthodox opening systems in Xiangqi: the Probing Cannons.
20210618 Added an article introducing the Xiangqi manuals in the Ming Dynasty.
20210613 Found some time and uploaded the Deception and Countermeasures in Xiangqi 4th page  of the recent boards. Also embedded the videos.
20210611 Added an interview with Antonio Barra who has been one of the pioneers for Xiangqi promotion in Poland and Italy.
20210604 Added the continuation of last wk's article on the story of Emperor Taizu of Song, aka Zhao Kuangyin and Xiangqi! It was the biggest bet in the history of Xiangqi Part 2.
20210528 Added the latest article on the story of Emperor Taizu of Song, aka Zhao Kuangyin and Xiangqi! It was the biggest bet in the history of Xiangqi.
20210522 Added the latest instalment of the Deceptive Play and Countermeasures in the Xiangqi Opening 03. Have managed to embed the videos from Youtube onto the webpages for the 1st and 2nd page.
20210521 The latest article discussing the beauty of the titles in Xiangqi endgame compositions is now out.
20210514 A Brief History of the Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Opening is now out.
20210507 This week's article is called Choosing Your Xiangqi Opening.
20210430 This week's article is a short review of xiangqi tournament formats.
20210423 Last week's instalment on living chess is now out.
20210416 The second instalment of an article on early translations of the Xiangqi pieces in English literature is now out. Have also added some of the boards to the videos that I have been doing..
20210413 Added the ancient manual: Plum Flower Springs Manual.
20210409 The first instalment of an article on early translations of the Xiangqi pieces in English literature is now out. Have also added some of the boards to the videos that I have been doing.
20210402 An article introducing the professional Xiangqi tournaments is now out.
20210327 The article on simple midgame theory is now out. 
20210319 A new article is now out on the and and last wk's article is now out.
20210312 The new article, an introduction to simultaneous blindfold Xiangqi is now out on I have been collaborating with the team there to further promote Xiangqi and the articles that I have written will be published there first. The article which is an interview with Sergej Korchitskij on Xiangqi development in Belarus is now out on the site.
20210304 Added a few short videos to the Youtube playlists. Also added the boards to the commentated games for the top 50 brevities boards 21-25 where you can now view the variations and the videos that I have added.
20210227 Added both the articles on one of the most legendary Xiangqi players from the last century: Peng Shusheng. Part 1 and Part 2.
20210219 As part of my ongoing effort to promote Xiangqi, I have decided to do a new video series on openings based on the free ebook Deception and Countermeasures in the Xiangqi Opening. It is one of three books of opening theory that have been considered to revolutionize Xiangqi opening back in the 1990s. The vast majority of the material in the books still remain applicable. The free ebook is available for download at the urls given on the page. I hope you enjoy it just as I have done. Have also added the next instalment of the history of Xiangqi which I have been researching with all my energy! Please give a like if you want my encouragement!
20210214 There has been some major breakthroughs to the site. With help from Code Monkey King, I now have interactive boards for every page if you itch to play the game against a simple Xiangqi engine. There are also boards with puzzles in the daily puzzles section. Please check it out!
20210212 It is the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year! It would be the Year of the Ox. May all have a Happy New Year with abundance of good health and riches! The article on chess polymaths that has been published on is also now available on my site. Today would also mark the end of the Sandwiched Horse Defense Treatise of Grandmaster Hu Ronghua! A new series on opening theory will begin next week! And I am working hard on my research into the history of Xiangqi and its origins and also a few other ancient manuals. Recently, I have found a new channel on Xiangqi programming by Code Monkey King. His channel is: . He has been putting up VERY interesting stuff on Xiangqi which I am thinking of ways to try to merge with my site. I am basically unfamiliar with coding and to do the best I can! I forsee a very busy new year for Xiangqi ahead and I thank all for the support! 
20210205 Have added three videos this week and also a new article that can be seen on
20210202 Am ecstatic to introduc a new book by the honorable Mr. Felix Tan! It is called Yes Xiangqi!
20210129: The Weekly Articles are now out on and also on the site.
20210123: Uploaded another ancient manual: Wu's Plum Flower Manual.
20210122: The Weekly Articles are now out. The latest one is on the value of the pieces on .
20210119: Been doing several videos lately, trying to learn how to record and produce them. Still need to polish the skills. Please check out the Youtube page.  Also added a new article on my website.
20210109: Added some media to some of the articles on the greats of Xiangqi. Polished a few other articles. And have also added ten years worth of activity records. The site would IS ten years old now and I never expected it, in my wildest dreams, that it would last so long. Paul English of has enlisted my help in promoting Xiangqi and I am pleased to announce that I will be writing weekly articles that will be published on his site, before publication on my website to help promote the game. Work has been heavy and I look forward to another ten years, if the body is willing. Note, as the site was moved in June 2020, NEARLY ALL THE LINKS IN THE ACTIVITY ARCHIVES will not function. The main purpose is to share the story of the work that I have done and for nostalgia, especially to those who have helped me out.

It has been a tumultous but enjoyable experience, promoting Xiangqi on the internet. I think I have achieved a little bit, with publishing various ancient manuals and also writing the first ever Lexicon of Xiangqi in English to help tear down the language. will continue to strive to be the best website sharing the beauty of the game in English to the World. Thanks to all for the support!
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