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Set of Xiangqi


20230203 The sound was lost in today's video upload on Dubious Positions and How to Attack Them Board 43. Have redone the entire video. Also found some time to upload the interactive boards in the same book up till now. Please refer to the articles uploaded on the right side or click here.

20230202 Forgot to publish the answers to the puzzles in 2023 Jan yesterday. Sorry. Been bothered with a broken back.

200230129 Published another short ancient manual: Lan Ke Zhen Ji. Please note that it is not the same as Lan Ke Shen Ji. They are two different ancient manuals.

20230119 Also added a new section to the site: physical places where you can play Xiangqi. The idea spawned from the fact that the Webmaster is often asked by many different people around the world for places where they could play Xiangqi. Please note that this is an INFORMAL list that will follow the World Xiangqi Federation recommendations. Every effort will be made to verify the addresses given. It is an attempt by the Webmaster to further promote Xiangqi. Please also see the "Where to Play" section on the menu under the others section.

20230118 As promised, uploaded another ancient manual, One Hundred Variations in Xiangqi. Decided to follow the information given in the Encyclopedia of Xiangqi Manuals by Yang Mingzhong et al, not Xie Xiaxun's version. Hope to be able to upload all the ancient manuals within the next 1-2years. Regretfully, because of the magnitude of my work, it would be impossible to upload all the variations or comments or it would never be done.

20230113 Rectified some more bad coding and published the recent midgame boards from Chapter 8c, 8d, 9a and 9b. Going to try my best to add some more content before the Chinese New Year!

20230112 Found some mistakes, more errors in coding and wrongly uploaded videos. Trying to integrate the interactive boards with the Youtube videos that I have made. Made some corrections and will be slowly rectifying the rest. 

20230111 First announcement post of the new year. Work was slowed by the World Cup last month... Anyway, the 2022 archives are now out. Have also found some time to assimilate the lecture boards and videos from Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Opening Tabia: Same Direction Cannons 01a , 01b and 01c into functionable work pages on the site. Also, to my horror, there were some bad coding in some of the pages that I had not seen before. Perhaps it came about during the transfer of the site 3 years ago. Will comb the website for more mistakes and errors over the next few weeks.
Going to be the Chinese New Year next week end. I will be bringing my family abroad for about a week. But fear not, I have already prepared and started uploading some stuff so that your Xiangqi quest will never stop. Wishing all an early Chinese New Year!


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