I had originally planned on doing the videos myself but I have been up to my nose with the ancient manuals and other modifications. So, I contacted Jimmy from Hong Kong, whose videos are some of the best so far on youtube. He has graciously allowed me to publish the videos on this site. This is a huge breakthrough for me!  Although I have pasted most of the videos on this site, I beg you go the youtube channel to see the actual thing! Praise is deserved! Please go to Youtube, and search for hk92jimmy or just simply type chinese chess! He has a long list of followers, including me!

HK Jimmy's videos
Page 1    : Xiangqi Endgame Intro , #1, #2, #3, and #4    ---> The videos have become private and are now unable to be viewed. Sorry. 
Page 2a  : Xiangqi Openings by Master Zhang Qiang 张强. This is a series of videos on the Same Direction Cannon opening or 顺炮. 
Page 2b  : Same as above
Page 3    : Master Zhang Qiang discusses the elephant opening.

 Link a you tube video which explains why learning Xiangqi is key to doing business with China! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bfHqHuXryQ&feature=youtu.be     

Last updated: 28th Dec 2014
1. Jimmy Chong from Hong Kong, aka hk92jimmy on youtube
2. Chris Hankinson for the link...

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