Xiangqi Greats

Every sport or field has its greats or heroes we look up too. Einstein for physics, Pele for soccer, Michael Jordan for basketball, Bobby Fischer/Kasparov... for chess and many more. It is the same for Xiangqi. Without these supermen/superwomen, Xiangqi would not be as exciting as it would be. The list below is by no means exhaustive, indeed, there are too many biographies or introductions to write about. Bear with me, as the list slowly grows...

And I sincerely call out to everybody who has a story to tell about the greats of Xiangqi, or photos of these people, please email me the stuff you have and I will blend it in. These people deserve recognition. And to prevent fan wars, the following list will be listed by country and in alphabetical order. Thanks!!! 
2017 Update: More of the greats can be found in the Lexicon of Xiangqi by the webmaster, available for sale on Amazon.

China Dang Guolei 党国蕾 GM   
China Gang Qiuying
刚秋英 GM
China Gao Hua 高华 GM 
China/Taipei Gao Yiping 高懿屏 GM
China Guo Liping 郭莉萍 GM   
China Hu Ming 胡明 GM 
China Huang Wei
黄薇 GM
China Huang Yuying 黄玉莹 GM
China/Australia Huang Zijun 黄子君 GM
China Jin Haiying 金海英 GM 
China Li Deling 黎德玲 GM 
China/Italy Lin Ye 林野 GM    
China Ouyang Qilin 欧阳琦琳 GM 
China Shan Xiali
单霞丽 GM 
China Tang Dan 唐丹 GM     
China Wang Linna 王琳娜 GM  
China Wu Xia 伍霞 GM 
China Xie Siming 谢思明 GM  
China You Yinqin 尤颖钦 GM  
China Zhang Guofeng 张国凤GM  
China Zhao Guanfang 赵冠芳 GM       

China Bu Fengbo
卜凤波 GM
China Chen Hanfeng 陈寒峰 GM
China Dong Wenyuan 董文渊
China Hong Zhi 洪智 GM   
China Hu Ronghua
胡荣华 GM 
China Jia Titao 贾题韬
China Jiang Chuan
蒋川 GM  
China Li Laiqun李来群 GM  
China Li Yiting
李义庭 GM  
China Li ZhongJian 李中健  
China Lin Hongmin
林宏敏 GM  
China Liu Dahua 柳大华 GM 
China Liu Dianzhong刘殿中 GM   
China Liu Yici 刘忆慈 Master
China Lv Qin吕钦 GM     
China Miao Yongpeng
苗永鹏 GM     
China Meng Liguo
孟立国 GM    
China Qian Hongfa 錢洪發 Master
China Sun Yongzheng
孙勇征 GM
China Tao Hanming 陶汉明 GM
China Wan Chunlin
万春林 GM
China Wang Bin 王斌 GM 
China Wang Jialiang 王嘉良 GM
China Xie Jing 谢靖 GM
China Xie Xiaxun 谢侠逊 ***
China Xu Tianhong
 徐天红 GM 
China Xu Tianli
徐天利 GM
China Xu Yinchuan
许银川 GM
China Yang Guanlin 
杨官麟 GM 
China Yu Youhua 
于幼华 GM  
China Zhao Guorong 
赵国荣 GM
China Zhang Jinrong 張錦榮
China Zhao Xinxin
赵鑫鑫 GM      
China Zheng Yihong 郑一泓 GM 
China Zhong Zhen 鍾珍
China Zhou Deyu 周德裕 
China Zhou Huanwen 周煥文

Singapore Wu Zonghan
Singapore Zheng Xiangfu 

Taiwan Wu Guilin吴贵临  

Vietnam Nguyen Hoang Lam 阮黄林  GM 
Vietnam Nguyen Thanh Bao 阮成保 GM   
Vietnam Nguyen Vu Quan 阮武军 GM 
Vietnam Thenh A Sang 郑亚生 GM   
Vietnam Truong A Minh 张亚明 GM


First created : 26th March 2011
Last updated: 15th Dec 2017
Thanks to Chris Hankinson for many of the photos.

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