30th Sept 2011: Took me a few hours to finish one variation of the Wild Horse Roaming Fields. Click here.  Deadbeat... Click here for a game annotated by Chris Hankinson, USA representative in International Xiangqi tournaments.
29th Sept 2011: Had some free time. Finally managed to get the original variation of Wild Horse Roaming Fields done. Click here... there are basically two more variations to this big 4 endgame puzzle but my Xq viewer had been giving me hell... I think it is because of the traditional chinese interface that I am using. Anyway, also added games 51-60 to the Extreme Manual which should be finished soon. have already started on working on another ancient manual but I would want to spend more time on contemporary works. If you have any suggestions or even requests, please email me at xqinenglish@gmail.com . Also added answers to the puzzles up till 9/25. Please click on the menu bar on the top left...Oh, nearly forgot to commend Antonio Barra for his help in promoting Xiangqi in Poland. Maybe I will write an article in the near future on his endeavors!
28th Sept 2011: Added 10 (61-70)  more games to the Exteme manual. Somehow my viewer flunked when I tried to do the Wild Horse Roaming Field endgame puzzle. Failed me 3 times...fed up. Will see what I can do tomorrow.
27th Sept 2011: Monday blues...anyway, have uploaded all the games in the 17th 5 Rams Cup. Wanted to upload the 16th and 18th , but the files that I found on the internet were spoilt...Still trying to do Hong Zhi and Jiang Chuan's bio.

26th Sept 2011: Sunday. A little bit of free time to do a little more... Added another 10 games the Extreme Manual 61-6566-70. Got bored and surfed the net for new material and I found an interesting historical game that was alleged played by Zhao Kuangyin赵匡胤 who was the man that overthrown the Tang dynasty about 1000 years ago. I am not a historian and only have a layman's knowledge of Chinese history (mostly accumulated from Kungfu comic books...LOL) but it is an interesting game. Please go check it... The game that lost Huashan. I had wanted to collect more information on Hong Zhi and Jiang Chuan, but the websites in China that I frequent seemed down...sigh. Will do it when it is ok.
25th Sept 2011: Bloody busy week at work. Almost 3 am now, was only able to upload 10 more games to the Extreme manual. Games 71 - 80. Insomnia probed to add the answers to the puzzles up till 9/21....
24th Sept 2011: Was only able to upload 10 more games to the Extreme Manual...deadbeat!
23rd Sept 2011: Another busy day at work! Anyway, have uploaded 15 more boards to the Extreme manual! Added more examples to the various midgames pages. Still trying to collect more info on Hong Zhi, I hope his bio would be okay by this week! And a million thanks to Chris Hankinson for providing more photos , which I will find time to paste soon!!!
22nd Sept 2011: Had my hands full translating and adding two more of the greatest 4 Endgame Puzzles of ALL TIME : Travelling a Thousand Miles Alone 千里独行 and Earthworm Defeating Dragon 蚯蚓降龙. Took me quite a few hours. Anyway, I now have 3 out of 4 of the them. Click here for more ... Hope to be able to add the final one soon. Also added a new basic kill with a nice name: the Eunuch Chasing Emperor checkmate . (yes, it is the direct translation!)  
21st Sept 2011: busy day at work. was only able to upload 5 more boards to the extreme manual. Hope I am able to do more tomorrow!
20th Sept 2011: Found quite a few more mistakes and corrected them. Published 10 more boards to the Extreme manual. Added a new midgames tactic: clog. At the moment, there is only one me doing the site. If you find any mistakes , please tell me. There are nearly 600 pages now to my site (i will break the 600 mark by next week hopefully) so there will be mistakes. Please help me proof read!
19th Sept 2011: OH DEAR! I was adding the answers to the puzzles from a few days ago when I found out that there were mistakes in the links in the right most column. I have spent over an hour redoing them. Should be ok now. Published 10 more boards to the Extreme Manual. g121-130 . 
18th Sept 2011: Published 10 more boards to the extreme manual, g131 - 140  Halfway through doing Hong Zhi's Biography.
17th Sept 2011: Published 15 more boards to the Extreme manual, g141-155
16th Sept 2011: Pulblished the games in the 15th 5 Rams Cup. thinking of doing Hong Zhi's biography...
15th Sept 2011: Published the games in the 14th 5 Rams Cup. Tiring day...
14th Sept 2011: Published the games in the 13th 5 Rams Cup. Took quite a bit of time to collect, organize, translate and write the short biography of Zhao Xinxin . Also added the answers to more puzzles published earlier this month.
13th Sept 2011: after some research, i have decided to go ahead and publish the games in the 12th 5 Rams Cup Tournament after all. If anybody has anything that i have missed out, please tell me. Thanks.
12th Sept 2011: sunday...family day. added some of the answers to the previous puzzles up till the 5th of Sept. Had wanted to add all the games played in the 12th 5 Rams Cup, but I think I lack a few games. Besides, I need to recheck but the books I have just do not have this tournament covered...hmm.
11th Sept 2011: added 15 more boards to the extreme manual. need more people to join in the fun at the daily puzzles, please click on the find us on facebook button beneath the menubar.
10th Sept 2011: Added all the games played in the 11th 5 Rams Cup. Also added more answers to the daily puzzles.
9th Sept 2011: Added the basic kills as promised. Also added the entire 9th 5 Rams Cup games.
8th Sept 2011: The midgames section is about ok. will not be doing them for a while. will add more games to the selected games section and the ancient manuals, of course. thinking of starting to do the basic openings section. Also added 10 more games to the Extreme manual. Quite practical. Will add a few more basic kills tomorrow also.
7th Sept 2011: Took a break from the midgames and ancient manuals...been tiring. Added all 20 games of the 10th 5 Rams Cup . Lv Qin won that one, the 2nd one in a row.
6th Sept 2011: still redoing the migames section. added a few more puzzles to the extreme manual.
5th Sept 2011: major overhaul on the midgames section. added some more ans to the daily puzzles.

4th Sept 2011: Have started redoing the midgames part again, changing some terminology and rearranging the structure of that section. Please, if anyone has a better term, please email it to me at admin@xqinenglish.com or xqinenglish@gmail.com , I do not wish to spend too much time on this section.
3rd Sept 2011: Added 15 more boards to the Extreme manual. Going to redo the midgames section again. Sigh...Added also a basic kill, ways to kill with the double cannon.
2nd Sept 2011: Burnt out. Only added all the games in the 8th Five Rams Cup. Also added more answers to the daily puzzles which have been getting a cold return. If response is poor, I might consider stopping it and concentrate fully on my site.

1st Sept 2011: Tiring day. Added ALL the games in the 4th,6th and 7th Five Rams Cup...and I just found out that there are over 500 pages in my site...sheesh...

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