November 2012

30th Nov: Last day of the month. Will end this hectic month with an annotated game with the cc7fh vs sch 2prc opening played back in 2007. I hope that after some theory, some actual examples would help you appreciate the game more...sort of like walking the walk after talking the talk. Unfortunately, the commentator of the game was unknown but the commentary was very nice.
29th Nov: Rainy wednesday here in Taiwan...and rain will continue for days to come. Growing mouldy and lazy. Anyway, have added the first page on a new major variation in the cc vs sch saga: red's right ranked chariot with 7th Filed Horse variation vs black's sch.
Ans up till the 24th are also out. Click here ...
28th Nov: Crazy tuesday. I recall having uploaded a series of lectures on the double cross river variation of the screen horse defense earlier this year. Have uploaded the only board in GM Liu DianZhong's book on this opening today. Very exciting opening and I repeat, not one for the faint of heart. The reader is advised to go through the openings that that I have uploaded earlier and the links can be found in today's uploaded page itself, or simply go to the ECCO classification and search for C04.
27th Nov: Manic monday...Ans up till the 22nd are out.
Click here ... And also added the second page to chapter 8 of 1r1c endgames. Must learn fundamentals.
26th Nov: Only had a little bit of time to add a new endgames page. And to my horror, I found out that I had labeled the endgames pages from the past 2 wks wrongly, and I have proceeded to re-do them and hyper-link them again... If you have been following the endgame lectures, we are now at Chapter 8...LOL. There are only about 70 pages left in the GM's book and we have covered over 150+ pages. Hang in there!!!
25th Nov: To put theory to actual practice, I have searched deep to find this C80 game that corresponds to the recent opening boards on the cc with left rbc vs sch opening that has been uploaded the past few days. Have Fun! Hah...finally sunday tomorrow....
Ans up till the 18th of Nov of Oct are also out. Click here ...
24th Nov: Oops, have been too busy at work to have noted that I had made a few wrong links. Mr Robert Adams has informed me that I had made the wrong links to the Same Direction Cannons Series, which have been promptly corrected. Also added the final board to the Central Cannon with left riverbank cannon variation and also the final two boards to the sdc: fr vs rr.
23rd Nov: Check out the new page, the first in a few pages of the Central cannon with left riverbank cannon variation vs the screen horse defense. This is a very modern day opening which often played in competition nowadays.
22nd Nov: Been sometime since I added to the midgames section, which is the hardest to master. Click here for 4 midgames from the 11th Asian Xiangqi Singles Championships with analyses by female GM Zhang GuoFeng.
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21st Nov: Busy ... Click here for 5 endgames on 1r1h1p endgames.
20th Nov:
Ans up till the 16th of Nov of Oct are also out. Click here ...Also managed to add three very lengthy 1r1h vs 1r endgames... I hate busy Mondays... and PS Mr Elton Yuen and Mr Felix Tan have provided better answers to the db 20121113 poc 2 puzzle. I swear I will stop using the puzzles from that book/file...LOL.
19th Nov: The first page on sdc fr vs rr 01 from 
GM Liu Dianzhong's book has been uploaded. Lazy sunday...
18th Nov: The second and last page on the sdc: rr vs fr 02 from GM Liu Dianzhong's book has been uploaded. Ans up till the 14th of Nov of Oct are also out. Click here ...
17th Nov: Added the next page on 1r1h endgames by the GM. And I forgot to mention that Dr Rene Gralla was the author of that nice German report on Xiangqi yesterday. http://www.deutsch-chinesische-allgemeine.de/interessant-und-am%C3%BCsant/?logout=1
16th Nov: Found an interesting file over the net. It contained games played in 2008 Computer Olympiad . I do not know the validity of the games played, but they looked good. Unfortunately, there were no comments... Anyway, if anybody has more info about the event, please tell me at xqinenglish@gmail.com or admin@xqinenglish.com . And for German speaking Xiangqi players (yes, Georg...) , Dr Rene Gralla has most graciously shared information about Xiangqi in Germany: the recent 2012 German Xiangqi Championships. Please go to page 18 of the pdf (which can also be found in the downloads section) . Other reports can be found here (in German) and also here (in Chinese, the People's Daily ) . Dr Rene Gralla is very interested in Xiangqi. If you go to the WXF site, you can see many of his works, including the piece whereby he interviewed Professor David Li. Just go to the WXF website and search/type "Rene Gralla", and many of his works, including the MTV report on Xiangqi can be seen. My heartfelt thanks are to be given to Dr Gralla for sharing. It feels good that Xiangqi is everywhere! PS: Dear Georg, I expect you will tell me what that article is all about....LOL.
15th Nov: Ok I admit it, I got bored with the cc vs sch opening. So, instead of continuing, I have taken the liberty to add the sdc boards by GM Liu from the same board, in chapter 3. That should be a breath of fresh air. For the first board, I added a little bit of stuff....a lot actually. Have fun! Click here for it.
Ans up till the 12th of Nov of Oct are also out. Click here ...
14th Nov: Added 2 pages worth of endgames to GM Liu Dianzhong introductory course. Click here for the first page or here for the second page.
13th Nov: Added the final board to the left riverbank horse variation lectures by GM Liu Dianzhong 's .
12th Nov: Added a new annotated game by GM Xu Yinchuan vs GM Liu Dianzhong in continuation of the opening boards that I have been uploading recently.
11th Nov: gotta shake off some rust after a one week break. Still thinking of ways to add my Xiangqi manuals into my wife's milk for my son to drink... that should shorten his learning curve...Anyway, have added the next opening in the GM's series on the left riverbank horse variation. Click here ....

4th Nov: Sorry for the long delay. Have been in the hospital taking care of my wife and the birth of my son. Things would probably resume back to normal hopefully by the end of this week.Ans up till the 28th of Oct are out. Click here ...
1st Nov: The October archives are out. Check it out to see what you have missed over the past month.
Ans up till the 28th of Oct are out. Click here ... Also added the second page to the left riverbank horse variation. Very aggressive. Not for the weak of heart.

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