30th Nov 2011: Have redone, touched up, and added on a new page on the presentation of ECCO. Please go to the Openings Section or click here ...
29th Nov 2011: Added page 2 to the 1c1p endgame combination.  Still doing the dreaded ECCO translation.
28th Nov 2011: Added another opening board, cc with 3pa and left pawn ranked cannon (prc) vs Lt 3 step tiger. click here ... or go to the openings page to see it. Still struggling with the ECCO translations but I believe after I have finished, the breath of the openings in Xiangqi will be more accessible.
27th Nov 2011: Added a new opening, the Elephant with screen horse variation vs left central cannon, an age old opening. Click here ... And I am still busting my head doing the ECCO translation.... Managed to add the translations to the "A" group of ECCO openings. Please go to the openings section to see it.
26th Nov 2011: Added the first page of a few pages explaining the ECCO system of classifying the openings. ECCO = Encyclopedia of Chinese Chess Openings. The only system I have found and perhaps the most used system in China today. Click here... Was halfway through translating the Axx openings when the xqbase.com seemed to out for renewal.
25th Nov 2011: Added another 5 games to the Plum Flower Springs Manual. Translating the names of the openings is HARD WORK! I'd rather do more boards instead.
24th Nov 2011: Published 6 days worth of answers to the daily puzzles section. Go see how you fare! Still redoing bits of the openings section...--> Finally finished redoing the whole openings section. Added a new opening, Cross palace cannon vs left central cannon. And thanks to George from Germany for his comments on the ECCO system. I will try to translate that whe I have the free time.
23rd Nov 2011 : Took me much longer than expected , but I have finally managed to do page 1 of the 1c1p endgames (vs 1e).  It looks simple, but it is not. Shows the kungfu needed to master endgames in Xiangqi. Have fun. Will  continue doing more endgames and openings and maybe upload a few more ancient manuals boards of the Plum Flower Springs Manual, over the next few days.
22nd Nov 2011 : Finished uploading all the endgames that I have arranged on 1h1p. Have fun...Am about 80% done with redoing the openings section. Much more systematic...
21st Nov 2011:Added approximately half of the endgames I could find on 1h1p (both bp and hp). Please go to the endgames section to see it.
20th Nov 2011: Added the ans to the daily puzzles up till 11/16. Redoing and adding to the endgames site.
19th Nov 2011: Bloody hell. Online server came alive at 3am... I have uploaded so much stuff that it jammed. Added games 11-15 to the Plum Flower Springs Manual. Click here ... or simply go to the menu bar and click on it. Please have a look at game 13, it is a rare discussion of an unorthodox black opening. Have redone many of the openings and endgames pages. Some are yet to be published...sigh. Time to go to bed.
18th Nov 2011: Finally finished the 2R endgames, for now. Will start on other sections of the endgames and openings and of course the ancient manual over the next few days.
17th Nov 2011: uploaded 5 more games to the Plum Flower Springs Manual. Still doing more endgames, it is the classification that is killing me.
16th Nov 2011: Will be busy adding and redoing most of the openings and the endgames section, so I have added a new ancient manual, The Plum Flower Springs Manual. Quite a big manual...with 50 games and over 200 hundred variations. I have no time to annotate them but I have decided to slowly upload them while I continue with work on the endgames and openings. The first 5 games of volume 1 are uploaded. Please go to the menu bar and float the cursor over the ancient manual bar and it should appear. Took over an hour to get it added to the menu bar. Have fun...
15th Nov 2011: Whew... Redid most of the screen horse opening. I think I have finally settled for a decent format for presenting the openings. Things should speed up...after I redo the other bits. Please tell me what you think. Added many introductions to the major variations of cc vs sch. Please go to the openings section , under the central cannon vs screen horse opening section.
14th Nov 2011: Ans up till 11/10 are out. Response has been decreasing again...must be because of the weekend. LOL. Thanks to Michael Yuen for pointing out a few mistakes in the basics section. I need more proofreading! Am in the process of reclassifying all the openings and correcting the typing mistakes. This should take me some time.
13th Nov 2011: Redid all the games in the 2h endgames series. Also rearranged much stuff in the endgames page. Added the second and final part, for now, the 59 cannon vs screen horse with edge cannon for chariot exchange opening. Click here. Whew...
12th Nov 2011: Added page 2 and 3 to the 2r endgames. The boards were not too difficult but the classification was messy...sigh. looks like I will have a busy weekend! Please go to the endgames section!
11th Nov 2011: Started on doing 2r endgames. There were much more than I had expected and getting them classified into the format that I want took me much longer than expected. Was only able to finish one page. Click here... I expect that the 2r endgames would take a few more days.
10th Nov 2011: Took me much much longer than expected, but it is ready, a new opening and one very complex and very commonly played in competition : 59 cannons with 7pa and pawn ranked chariot vs Screen Horse defence with 7pa and edge cannon for chariot exchange variation. Click here... also been redoing much of the endgames page.
9th Nov 2011: Added a new opening discussion: Same direction cannon: slow chariot vs filed chariot. Click here... This is a relatively new opening. Also added the answers to the puzzles a few days ago. The answers to the extra puzzles can be found in the endgames section. I am still adding and reorganizing the endgames section into a more palatable format and I keep finding new games to add...sheesh. Busy day! I need some feedback . Please email me at xqinenglish@gmail.com or admin@xqinenglish.com. Also added Georg's comments about my site. Need more encouragement! LOL.
8th Nov 2011: As promised, I have finished many 2c endgames and published them. Please click on the endgames menu button on the left to find them. Seldom does an endgame end whereby you have 2 cannons left, but knowing this combination, how they attack, defend, trap, block...is essential to improving your skills in Xiangqi, especially so for the International chess player who may be a relative stranger to the cannon.
7th Nov 2011: Have published the last few games of the Gems Manual. Click here... I will be concentrating on the endgames and openings for the next few weeks. Halfway through doing the boards for 2 Cannon endgames, over 20 odd of them. And then I will have to upload them and design the web page. Should be ready in a few days time!
6th Nov 2011: Have started redoing and adding to the endgames section. I hope to be able to provide the first online dictionary of basic endgames over the next few months. The first correction that I have done is the the 3 Pawn Endgames Section. Please go to the endgames section there to see it.
5th Nov 2011: Added the second and final part (for now) to the Central Cannon with ranked chariots variation vs Sandwiched Horse Defense. Click here for the first page published a few days ago, and here for the 2nd page...
4th Nov 2011: Added another 10 more games to the Gems Manual. Click here ...
3rd Nov 2011: Added another 10 more games to the Gems Manual. Click here ...
2nd Nov 2011 : Added another 10 more games to the Gems manual. Click here... Soon to be finished! And in view of the recent surge in participation of the fb fanpage, and quite a few of the stronger players have been throwing in the white towel...I have published the ans up till the 2nd of Nov. Please go to the menu bar on the left and click on ans to daily puzzles....The answer to db 20111031 poc 2 is flawed. My apologies. This puzzle was from one of the ancient manuals but somehow it did not take into consideration one of the variations suggested by Choy. My apologies.
1st Nov 2011: Added a new opening, Central cannon with ranked chariot and central pawn advancement vs Sandwiched horse defense. This is one of the older openings, still sometimes seen in actual competition, although black is able to handle red's fierce attack.


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