JUNE 2011

30th June 2011: Been hard at work on the site today. Redid 26-30 and added 306-310 to the Elegant Pastime Xiangqi Manual. Added games 04-06 to the Secret in the Tangerine, also added a new Midgames tactic: the double threat. And finally touched up on some of the basic kills page with a few more additions of the games. Darn, at the rate I am going, I can author a few books on the subject... :)  Flow has been a little bit slow, give me some encouragement by telling others about my site. Thanks. PS: Singapore overtook France as the country who viewed my site most...
29th June 2011: Someone emailed me to ask me if there was a shorter route to winning with the 2P sw 2E endgame. I have studied his suggestion and republished the game. Nope, the original suggestions still stand. Redid games 16-25 of the Elegant Pastime Xq Manual. Added a new page of discover check to the Midgames section. I fear that I might have to do a lot of rearranging in the near future...Anyway, please tell me what you think of the midgames section, which by far, has been the hardest to write. Thanks!
28th June 2011: Many good things have happened today.
The new Xq viewer has been slightly modified to provide English for some of the export terms by Mr Peter Sung. Mr Felix Tan came to my rescue. He offered me his solution to game 301 by changing the position of the advisor. I have added the original board and Mr Felix's modifications and also games 302-305 to the Elegant Pastime Xq Manual. For those experts out there, please tell me if you have seen anything wrong with my reading of the game.
And as a final gift to the dedicated fans, I have added the craziest opening summary that I have ever seen on
Central Cannon vs Screen Horse.
For dedicated Xiangqi lovers, that should take you at least a year to memorize...hehehehehe, whilst I continue playing mahjong. Tell me what you think when you are done with it...
I have also added games 4 and 5 of vol 2 in The Secret of the Tangerine. Also, I forgot to tell you guys that I have added 5 more games to the 5 Rams Cup, 2nd tournament yesterday. A visitor asked me if I would publish the Plum Flower Manual, another super ancient manual. Yes!!! Of course!!! However, there are at least 3 different variations to it, I have actually done some of the games, but am still researching about the books. I might publish the Anti-Plum Flower Manual first because it is relatively shorter. And, I was looking at the stats today, to my surprise, the number one country where visitors came from was France. Please tell me who you are and what I can do to help improve my site!
27th June 2011: Redid the Elegant Pastime Xq Manual games 011-015. Was going to add five more new games to the same manual when I encountered trouble with game 301. Seems that red might not win after all... Added a new midgames tactic, Zugzwang. Also added a new basic kill, the hole in hole out checkmate technique. Still having a headache translating and finding decent terms for the various midgame tactics.
26th June 2011: Just returned from a 2 day vacation with a 700km drive... Redid games 006-010 of the Elegant Pastime Xq Manua, added the first 5 games to the 2nd ever 5 Rams Cup. Also special thanks to Mr Felix Tan for providing with an unusual an interesting endgame composition. Please check out the composed games site on the menu bar. The game that Mr Felix Tan has provided are exercises or puzzles for beginners, teaching the basics of using the pieces. Please help me proofread. I am still having a headache for the translations of the midgames tactics...
24th June 2011: Since the publishing of the video yesterday, I have decided to re-do the games that were not in the format of the "new" Xq viewer. Re-did games 001-005 and added 296-300. I think that the Xq viewer has some more functions that I had did not know exist. Will be tinkering with it. And will be taking a short 3 day vacation starting today. Will try to upload more games but I do not know if the hotel that I will be staying will have decent internet connection.  And please tell me what you think of the video and site. Mr Felix Tan has graciously donated more stuff which I will publish when I come back from vacation.
23rd June 2011: Ha, the internet connection came alive again! And good luck has been with me. A million thanks to Mr Chris Hankinson for doing a video on how to use my site and ccbridge. Please see it, it will help your game! I have pasted it on the home page!!! added the first 10 games of volume 4 of the elegant pastime xq manual + about 6-10 end games on the single horse today. Please tell me what you think of the video and how to use the site better!
22nd June 2011 4+pm: Damn , my internet connection broke down...am using the internet at an internet cafe...hope it will be ok by tonight... will upload asap when it is ok again.
21st June 2011 11am: Finally had the bugs fixed and now vol 3 is fully uploaded.
21st June 2011: Have finished all the games in vol 3 of the Elegant Pastime Xq Manual. But I could only upload 273-278. Something is jammed somewhere. I will try to get the problem fixed tomorrow.
20th June 2011: Decided to kill the demons in the closet and get the midgames section started. It took me much longer than I had expected. Had to browse through over 10 manuals to try to get at least the framework started. I am still experiencing much difficulty finding decent English translations for the various tactics used. Please help me!!! If you have any better translation for the names of the tactics, tell me ASAP. I do not wish to do the same section a million times, like I might have to do the basic kills section another 1-2more times...sigh. Way behind in publishing the games. Tell me what you think, and all suggestions are welcomed.
19th June 2011: Added a new crazy openings summary. 57 cannons vs Screen horse defence. Unlike the turtle openings or the palcorner opening, this opening is very often used in actual competition. Also added a new page with 6 boards discussing the one cannon endgames. This has been a busy week...
18th June 2011: Added 15 more games to the Elegant Pastime Manual. There are some mistakes like in game 266 that I have corrected directly. Also, game 108 seems to be getting a following. Mr Ong Hock Seng of Singapore has sent it his modification of that game. Looks like a lot of us are in study mode...And I have found a few more mistakes in the earlier games that i have published in the same ancient manual. I will correct them in due time, so for those following the Elegant Pastime Xq Manual, there are many more games published. Volume 3 should be finished by next week...about 300 games...I have also prepared a few more endgames and actual games from the 2nd 5 Rams Cup. However, work has been busy this week, I hope to be able to find time to publish them hopefully over the weekend. And ps, a few more crazy openings have just been found...Finally, I re-did a portion of the basic kills. Added diagrams from the Elegant Pastime Xq manual for the sending the buddha home checkmate.
17th June 2011 : Added 5 more to the Elegant Pastime Manual. Added also game 3 of vol 2 of the Secret in the Tangerine. And game 108 is getting more feedback from other visitors from this site. I will publish these feedback soon after I make sure of some stuff. More feedback please!
16th June 2011: Must apologize for forgetting to link game 1 yesterday. Have added game 2 to vol 2 of The Secret in the Tangerine. Busy the next few days, but I will keep on adding slowly. The next few Elegant Pastime games are full of mistakes, might take some time.
15th June 2011: Have added game 1 of the second volume in The Secret of the Tangerine. And thanks to Mr Hock Seng for further improvements in game 246 of the Elegant Xq Manual. And Mr Felix Tan has offered us a modification on game 108 in the same manual. It is not easy, studying the games to the extent of modifying them, at least I do not have that abilities yet. Hats off to Mr Tan. Please visit that page to see his work. On a personal side, my boss is going on vacation, I will have my hands the next few days. Might only be able to publish a little bit less stuff. Sigh, I need a vacation myself....:)
14th June 2011: Have added 5 more the Elegant Pastime Xq Manual 249-253. Going to be a busy week for me this week. But I will make it a point to continue uploading. Special thanks must be given to Mr Peter Sung and Mr Lau Mong Yong for correcting my game 246.
13th June 2011: Have added 10 more games to the Elegant Pastime Xq Manual. Please help me proofread game 246. It took me quite some time... --> Thanks to Mr Peter Sung for giving me the correct answer... whew...
12th June 2011: Added 5 more games to the Elegant Pastime Xq manual games 234-238. I have actually prepared quite a few more endgames, but am still contemplating on how to present them. And I give up trying to translate the names of the tactics used in Chinese into English...I have sought help from a few masters in Chess to find more appropriate names. The mid-games section now is a pain in the ass... And thanks to Charee for allowing me to publish his testimonial on my site.
11th June 2011: For the more advanced players, I have added a new openings summary: the palcorner cannon 士角炮. Also added 5 more games to the Elegant Pastime Xiangqi Manual (229-233). Still cracking my head on the midgames section but I think a breakthrough is due soon.
10th June 2011: 5 more games to the Elegant Pastime Xiangqi Manual (224-228), restructured and added a few more endgames to the endgames section. Am cracking my head thinking up of English translations to the various tactics used. For example, does anybody have a decent translation for 腾挪? Or would any kind soul please direct me to the English names of chess tactics? My midgames section page is still barren...sigh.
9th June 2011: 5 more games to the Elegant Pastime Xiangqi Manual (219-223), about 330 left. Also, finally finished volume 1 of The Secret in the Tangerine! And thanks to a fan from Thailand for pointing out a link mistake in the one pawn endgames section. In appreciation, and partly because of a mild bout of insomnia, I added a page with 5 endgames on the 3 pawn endgames. Please help me proofread!
8th June 2011: 3 more new games to the Secret in the Tangerine! Volume one of this masterpiece will be finished soon!
7th June 2011: Did not have any dumplings although it was the dumpling festival in remembrance of the great poet Qu Yuan. Anyway, it was a public holiday here. Added another 15 games to the Elegant Pastime Manual. Am experimenting with something new with the viewer at my website also. A few of you asked about certain rules of the AXF, I checked with the authorities and I hope my answers satisfy. Keep em coming... 
6th June 2011: added game 16 to The Secret inside the Tangerine. Today is the dumpling festival. Peace...
5th June 2011: Added 5 more games to the Elegant Pastime Xq Manual. Added all the 6 games played in the 1st ever 5 Rams Cup tournament back in 1981. Added it to the legend on the left , just hover your mouse over "Selected Games" and a submenu will appear. You may either click selected games or the  5 rams cups games directly. Intend to slowly add on the games as I find the site too lack of actual games played. Still struggling with the midgame section and trying of a way to organize things. And thanks for the encouragement and emails...keep them coming. I will answer all of them asap! Also corrected a few mistakes which I found.
4th June 2011: Finished all the games listed in The Invincible Xiangqi Manual. Still thinking of how to  publish the daily puzzle. Need feedback. And I hope Mr OH Tan's family gets healed from flu soon. For those new to the site, please visit the acknowledgement's section to see who Mr OH Tan is...

3rd June 2011: Working on more translations of various terms to English. No new games today. Someone emailed me asking for simpler puzzles, for beginners, what do you think? Please give me feedback! Actually I have been thinking of doing a daily puzzle column...
2nd June 2011: Added a few more chapters to the Invincible Xiangqi Manual.More than half completed of that tiny manual. Also started to add games to Volume 3 of the Elegant Xiangqi Pastime Manual. 
1st June 2011: Yes, a new ancient manual. the Invincible Xiangqi Manual 自出洞来无敌手 which probably existed earlier than the Elegant Pastime Xiangqi Manual. I have finished 1/7 of it. My testimonials page is a little bit stale and short, please send me some encouragment.


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