February 2013

28th Feb: First part of chapter 7 on the Sandwiched Horse Defense is out. Click here for the ans to the puzzles up till the 24th of Feb.
27th Feb: Blast from the past. GM Li YiTing took on GM Hu RongHua in this match played over half a century ago in 1961.
26th Feb: GM Xu TianHong vs GM Yu YouHua in 2000, using the opening and variations that I have been uploading recently. Click here for the ans to the puzzles up till the 22nd of Feb.
25th Feb: Sunday with a weak body devastated by flu... Click here for the final three boards to chapter 6.
24th Feb: Uploaded the first two boards of Chapter 6: the sah with the left ranked chariot variation. Click here for the ans to the puzzles up till the 20th of Feb.
23rd Feb: Uploaded the last three boards to chapter 5.
22nd Feb: Dead tired. Managed to upload only two boards of chapter 5. Click here for the ans to the puzzles up till the 18th of Feb.
21st Feb: Chapter 4: 56c 3pa vs sah rt e is out.
20th Feb: Click here for the ans to the puzzles up till the 16th of Feb ... Also added a new midgames analyses page by GM Zhang GuoFeng. Click here ... Been some time since I did that.
19th Feb: Chapter 3 on the sandwiched horse manual is out. more great analyses to be learnt.
18th Feb: Ans up till Valentine's day are out. Click here ... Also added a match played by two female GM's for the championship back in 2007. Rare opening! Click here. (ps, I found out that I had typed the wrong date...but it is today's entry).
17th Feb: Been drained physically and mentally the past few days. Only managed to add chapter 2 to Sandwiched Horse.
16th Feb: Decided to do something crazy...Added chapter 1 from GM Hu RongHua's Manual of the Sandwiched Horse (SAH) Manual. One of the best books written ever. Click here for the content page or go directly to the ECCO section on the SAH for content page. Have fun.
15th Feb: Added page 9 on the basics of opening theory. And thanks to Mr Robert Adams for telling me a few minor mistakes in the arrangement of the pages. I have done the necessary corrections and this should provide more cohesive reading.
14th Feb: Added page 8 on the basics of opening theory by GM Liu DianZhong.
13th Feb: My father underwent a triple bypass the past week. All is okay now, whew. Back to business. Still tired from the flight but have forced myself to upload the ans til the 8th. Click here for the ans to the puzzles up till the 8th of Feb .... Happy year of the snake to all!
5th Feb: Have a familial emergency to attend to. Will be back in 1-2wks time. Any inconvenience caused is regretted. Have tried my best to upload a few more puzzles till the 8th but the ans will published 1-2wks later.
5th Feb: P7 of the GM Liu DianZhong's introductory book on openings has been added. I hate busy Mondays.
4th Feb: Hong Zhi vs Zhao GuoRong in 2006! Great game. I combined the commentaries from the internet and one of my books for an in-depth analysis to the game. Click here for the ans to the puzzles up till the 31st of Jan .... And I was reminded by Mr Felix Tan about uploading the wrong ans to the 20130126 mmlm puzzle. I have made the necessary corrections. Thanks!
3rd Feb: Added p5 and p6 to the first chapter, which focuses on the basics in XiangQi opening. Must follow principles in your game.
2nd Feb: TGIF. Added page 4 to the first chapter in the GM's introductory book on openings. Click here for the ans to the puzzles up till the 28th of Jan ....
1st Feb: Added page 3 to chapter 1 in the GM's introductory book on openings. Busy week.

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