December 2012

31st Dec: Last day of the year. Added a game played by GM Li LaiQun vs GM Hong Zhi in June this year. It is sort of a coming out of retirement match by GM Li LaiQun. And I have made several changes to the menu bar because it seems very slow on my mobile phone. Also spent quite a bit of time making additions for certain pages and deletions from others. This has been an eventful year for me and I am glad that my website is still around and going strong. Hopefully, more and more people will grow to learn and love the game of XiangQi as I do. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
30th Dec: Added the next page to yesterday's opening. And the ans up till the 26th of Dec are also out.
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29th Dec: Got bored with cc vs sch. Added a cc vs lt c blockade with odc variation page. Have fun! Mr Trevor Tao has also kindly pointed out a flaw in the db 20121223 mmlm puzzle! Yes it is flawed and black should win. LOL. Thanks!
28th Dec: Added the next wordy page on endgame theory by GM Liu DianZhong.
And the ans up till the 24th of Dec are also out. Click here ...
27th Dec: Uploaded a match played in 2005 using the opening that I have uploaded the past two days. Master Li HongJia took on Master Jiang Chuan ( Jiang became GM only 2-3 years ago).
26th Dec: Added the next page, in continuation to yesterday's opening.
And the ans up till the 22nd of Dec are also out. Click here ...
25th Dec: Added one page to a very fashionable opening and one that is very complex. It is often seen in competition nowadays: 57c3pa vs sch13pa rt rbh.
24th Dec: Merry X'mas! Added an annotated game found from the net. The game was played in 2004 in the General's Cup (which I was sooooooooo tempted to abbreviate as 'G Cup'...). Master Jing XueYi went up against Master Zhang ShenHong in this one, using the opening uploaded on the 20th.
And the ans up till the 20th of Dec are also out. Click here ...
23rd Dec: Added more GM Zhang GuoFeng's midgames analyses. Click here. And Merry X'mas in case I forget!!!
22nd Dec: Well the end of the world just came and went... Added a page with two boards, the only two in the GM's book discussing the 58 Cannons vs Screen Horse Defense. And the ans up till the 18th of Dec are also out.
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21st Dec: Added the first page to chapter 9 of the endgames section. The GM shares his thoughts on how to play a better endgame. Also changed the ugly background color if you viewed the site from a mobile phone. Ans up till the 16th of Dec are also out.
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20th Dec: Added the next and final page in the cc prr without 7pa vs sch with 37pa variation. Click here. Was browsing my site from my mobile phone last night when I found that there were certain pages that were ok on the website but had problems on the mobile phone. Will call up the internet company that I use to try to solve that problem. If you find out any pages that have problems showing up on your mobile , please tell me which ones they are. There are over 1400 pages on my site now, and I cannot possibly go through each one of them on my mobile phone. --> Re did part of the starting of chapter 1 from the GM's book on openings. Had to re-do everything. Somehow things went berserk when they upgraded the site. Will continue to rectify things.
19th Dec:
Ans up till the 14th of Dec are also out. Click here ... Also added the first page to a new important variation in GM Liu DianZhong's book on openings. Click here.
18th Dec: Took me a few hours, but I have managed to upload the 4th page on midgames anotated by GM Zhang GuoFeng which seems to be a hit, LOL. Ans up till the 12th of Dec are also out. Click here ...  
17th Dec: A must see classic game way back in 1965. GM Hu Ronghua vs GM Wang JiaLiang. Spent the entire afternoon doing it. This one would go down in the history books.
16th Dec:
Ans up till the 10th of Dec are also out. Click here ... Also added the final page containing endgames tabiat from the GM 's book. The final chapters and first chapter are basically on how to play the endgame. Very wordy. Will need time to do them.
15th Dec: Lazy...managed to add section 9 (only 2 boards) in the GM's book on openings for beginners.
14th Dec:
Ans up till the 8th of Dec are also out. Click here ... There has been a decreased response to the puzzles on facebook. Any ideas why? Also added the next lengthy page to 1r1c endgames. Endgames are the basics and one of the best ways to learn Xiangqi efficiently. I notice that flow to my site decreases whenever endgames are uploaded, LOL, but it is a must. Guess I will have to upload more LOL.
13th Dec: Another busy day at work. Was only able to add one more page to the 1r1c endgames. Ans up till the 6th of Dec are also out. Click here ... Also found out that I had forgotten to add one more board to the  57c vs sch7pa 02 board uploaded 2 days ago. Somehow missed it... there should be three not two boards on that page.
12th Dec: Busy Tuesday!!! Added the next page in 1r1c endgames to the GM's book.
11th Dec: Page 2 on the 57c vs sch7pa 02 is out. I realized that I had made a minor mistake in yesterday's upload with the title of the boards uploaded and have promptly corrected them. In the boards uploaded yesterday and today, red does NOT play P7+1. Now back to Marvel Avengers...
10th Dec: Added first page to the next section on the 57c vs sch7pa, which is slightly different from the previous page uploaded two days ago.
Ans up till the 4th of Dec are also out. Click here ...
9th Dec: Added a selected midgames page on three boards with comments and analysis by female  GM Zhang GuoFeng.
8th Dec: Added a new openings page on the 57 Cannons (traditional) vs the screen horse.
7th Dec: Lost badly in an internet game recently and so I did some research. Uploaded two games played with a similar opening. Click here for the first game and here for the second game. PS: Not related to today's upload, Greg, the one horned monster is a very very very vicious opening... LOL. Maybe I will check my library for more on the ohm and the 9tt..
6th Dec: Finally found time to continue on the screen horse opening. Click here ....

Ans up till the 2nd of Dec are also out. Click here ...
5th Dec: I had wanted to add on to the screen horse but decided against it anyway. Added 2 boards on the odc, the original big and small variation of it. Click here ....
4th Dec: Added only two boards on 1r1c1a sw 1a2e , very lengthy endgame but a very worthwhile one to learn as it demonstrates a very important tactic. Took me over 2 hours just to do these two boards...
Ans up till the 30th are also out. Click here ...  And a million thanks must be given to some  of the visitors to this site who have told me that I had wrong titles for some of the content page...Been blurry.
3rd Dec: Been some time I uploaded some stuff on endgames. Here is the next page in the

GM Liu Dianzhong book.
2nd Dec: Uploaded a sdc game by GM Yang GuanLin who lost to Master Zhao QingGe way back in 1978. Ans up till the 28th are also out. Click here ...
1st Dec: First day of the last month of the year. The Nov archives are out.
Ans up till the 26th are also out. Click here ... GM Liu Dianzhong 's only 2 board discussion on the sdc: fr vs sr is also out.

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