31st August 2011: Added all 16 games, without commentary, of the 5th 5 Rams Cup. There was a slight mistake in numbering the boards ,but it should not affect your viewing pleasure.
30th August 2011: Darn, found quite a few mistakes and am still correcting them... added only 10 games to the EBSXq Manual (Extremly Brilliant and Superb Xianqi Manual) ...sheesh. The server seems to have caused some trouble when it broke down a few days ago. Please tell me if you find any mistakes!!!
29th August 2011: ans up till 8/24 are out. arranged and posted a few interesting endgame compositions in the endgame composition pages. Oops, forgot to mention that i have added several new combination kills to the basic kills section. These are the basics of xiangqi, much more important than opening theory !
28th August 2011: added 10 more games to the extreme manual. tiring day.
27th August 2011: The server broke down again last night. I had to wait until just now to upload the ENTIRE Anti-Plum Flower Manual. First of its kind in the world!
26th August 2011: Had wanted to add two more games to the Anti-Plum Flower Manual, but game 3 took me over 5 hours, and I still have yet to finish it...so today's single addition is game 2...
25th August 2011: added a few more games to the Extreme Manual and a new section on basic kills via the combination approach.
24th August 2011: added 15 more games to the Extreme manual. Published the answers to some of the earlier puzzles. Halfway through game 1 of the anti-plum flower manual. harder than I thought...
23rd August 2011: Added a new page to the basic kills, and added over 10 games to the Extreme manual (the "newest" ancient manual on the site.) Going to start work on the Anti-Plum Flower Manual over the next few days. Will juggle between doing the two manuals while trying to adde more endgames and complete games.
22nd August 2011: took me over 2 hours just to annotate and upload just 2 games of the best of the best selected games in history. one more board left to go! added many new boards to the basic kill, strategy too....
21st August 2011: Finished uploading all the games in the 3rd 5 Rams Cup in 1983. The 5 Rams Cup is essentially the tournament of champions and in my opinion, the toughest tournament in the world...too bad it does not exist now.
20th August 2011: Finished uploading all the games in the last 5 Rams Cup ever held in 2009. Published some of the answers to the daily boards about a week ago.
19th August 2011: It has been some time since I posted tournament games. There have been people requesting for more recent tournament games, so I added the first 10 games of the 29th 5 Rams Cup. Will try to upload more of the recent tournament games. Will NOT comment as they are way too deep for me...will only add comments should I find them. Someone has also requested for the Anti-Plum Flower manual. That is already on my to-do list. The entire manual should be ready over the next few weeks. Give me some time as there is only one me only...
18th August 2011: added 5 more games to the Extreme Manual and added at least 3-4 (lost count)more midgames pages. I will slowly add on whenever I find good examples.
17th August 2011: added 15 more games to the Extreme Manual. Added a single new page on the midgames section. Server broke down yesterday, only able to add them today.
16th August 2011: Added a new Xiangqi ancient manual. The kills there are said to be comparable to the Elegant Xiangqi Manual and to my knowledge, it is the first of its kind on the net.极巧穷极 is the name of the manual. Very hard to translate so forgive my "funny" translation! Enjoy!
15th August 2011: added 3 more new basic kills, am in the process of doing another ancient manual, added more stuff to the midgames which i will publish a little bit later. but today's biggest catch is that I have managed to get into contact with 东方剑客, whose super openings boards you have enjoyed. He seems willing to help me...let us hope for the best!!!
14th August 2011: Have done another 2 more games from the Plum Flower Manual. It will be uploaded tomorrow! Redid the page introducing the Secret in the Tangerine. Robert from the US sent me an email asking me to clarify a few foggy points in that page. Thanks! I do most of the work on the site way past midnight, and mistakes are bound to occur. Please help me proofread. Thanks again. --> insomnia...so I have uploaded Wu's Plum Flower Manual for your perusal.
13th August 2011: Have done 2 new games in a NEW Plum Flower Manual, the version by Wu from the Qing dynasty. There are only 5 boards to this volume. Should be uploaded 2-3days later. Still touching up on the midgames section. Too tired to continue...There will be many new additions by Sunday!
12th August 2011: added one more midgames pages. I think I have the format that I want in mind slowly laid down. Should be getting faster. The midgame's page is a mess now, so bear with me, and if any of you has better terms, please tell me asap! Do not want to do the same section over and over and over again!
11th August 2011: added some more midgames pages and touched up on a few basic kills.
10th August 2011: added and modified the format of the midgames section. After I am finished with this section, in about 2-3wks or so, I will concentrate on selected games and more ancient manuals.
9th August 2011: added a new midgame tactic, the pin. I will start with the simple ones for the beginners to learn and slowly add on. Also published the ans to some of the puzzles earlier this month. tell me what you think! hard work...

8th August 2011: Finally after a few months of hard work, perhaps the 3 most important ancient manuals, The Elegant Pastime Xq Manual, The Secret in the Tangerine (openings section) and The Plum Flower Manual by Wang has been fully uploaded. I realize that there are typing errors here and there and I will correct them in due time. Will touch up on them too to make them better, slowly..........
7th August 2011: Added 2 more games to volume 6 of the plum flower manual. sunday, lazy day...
6th August 2011: Finished doing the entire volume 5 of the Plum Flower Manual. One more volume to go! Touched up and added more pages to the basic kills section. There has been much discussion on the puzzles today. good sign!
5th August 2011: Redid a few more pages of the basic kills section. Sheesh, it looked terrible...finished uploading the entire volume 4 of the plum flower manual by wang, and added a summary of volume 4. and have started REALLY doing the midgames tactics portion. I predict that it should be ok in about 2 wks time.
4th August 2011: added two more boards to vol 4 of the plum flower manual, a few more endgames, and a few more boards to the various basic kills.
3rd August 2011: Added the answers to the puzzles before august. having a headache doing some of the endgames...and the ancient manuals.
2nd August 2011: Added a few more endgames and games 1 and 2 to volume 4 of Wang's Plum Flower Manual. Great kills!
1st August 2011: Chris has done it again! There are 6 volumes to the Elegant Pastime Xiangqi Manual. I spent over 3 months doing the first 4, and he did the last 2 in 2 weeks, tops...sheesh! Anyway, a trillion thanks to Chris again, allowing me to spend more time doing the daily puzzles and to add on to other ancient manuals. If more people like Chris help out, I think I will be able to upload all the ancient manuals there are within the span of one year! Anyway, all 550 endgame compositions are fully uploaded, the first of its kind in the world, to my knowledge that is. At least in English...but I have not seen a Chinese site yet. As the opening games in the same manual are similar or identical to The Secret in the Tangerine, I will upload them at a much later date. Right now, I would like share as many ancient manuals as possible. Am still stuck with the midgames section, but I think I have found a solution. Adding bits and pieces here and there and everywhere! Enjoy! A million thanks to Chris again!

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