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I have decided to add this to the menu bar because I have daily additions. However, because the scope of my project is so big, I cannot possibly upload everything I want in a short time. Besides, visitors to my site have different needs and wants. Beginners would want more basic stuff while more advanced players would want to know more about the different variations of certain openings. And others just want to know what is going on in the World of Xiangqi. As I have no time to install a RSS feed, this is the next best thing I can do. 
In the event that my online server breaks down, that is, you do not see anything new on this page for over 24 hours, please go to my facebook fanpage for further notifications.

Xiangqi right in the heart of New York City
Photo courtesy of Mr Chris Hankinson.
From left: Meet Greg, Henry and Matt ...who play Xiangqi frequently and ferociously in the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA... And according to Chris, they play mean chess...

Photo taken by Mr Gao GuanZhong, depicting the scenic Yu Garden Tea House Yu in Hamburg, Germany, the site where the 2014 Han Xin Cup is held. Photo provided by Dr Rene Gralla, who has promised to write articles about the Han Xin Cup. Dr Gralla is the man wearing the blue t-shirt overseeing the players play XiangQi.


2017-05-19: Going on a personal and familiy trip back to Singapore and Malaysia on 5/19-29. Videos would still be uploaded and I will have added the boards that I have prepared. Click here for the menu to the A league matches.
2017-05-12: The 2003 A League matches part four are now out.
Managed to squeeze these two books out before I go on a short vacation starting 5/19-5/29. The videos would still be uploaded.
Thanks to all for your support. It has been almost one year since my first book came out. Thanks again.
Secret in the Tangerine Volume 2                    Secret in the Tangerine Volume 3

2017-05-05: The 2003 A League matches part three are now out.
2017-04-28: The 2003 A League matches part two are now out.
2017-04-21: This would be the first of many A League matches. Click here to go to the menu directly. Or go to the Selected Games menu for more.
2017-04-14: Final serving of the Mandarin Duck, Part 4. Click here. It took me quite some time to find and arrange the boards. Hope you liked it. For the next week onwards, it would be a series of very exciting games from the A league in China!
2017-04-07: Mandarin Duck Cannons Part 3! Click here. The videos are also out on youtube. One more week of the Mandarin Duck Cannons next wk. The books have also been finished and published last week. Thanks for the support. Am trying to format the books as best as possible so that the ebooks will come out, but as there are over 800 diagrams per book, i expect that it would take me at least another wk, fastest.
Remember, there are discount codes on my site. Please go to the Publications button on the menu bar on the left, second last one.
Secret in the Tangerine Volume 1      Elegant Pastime Manual Vol 1&2
2017-03-31: Mandarin Duck Cannons Part 2! Click here.
2017-03-24: Mandarin Duck Cannons Part 1. Click here .
2017-03-17: The crazy E47 part 2 and part 3 are now out. Busy with proofreading another new book(s) to be out soon. Ducks will be served next week!

2017-03-10: E47 ... volatile. This would be the first part of a series on the E47 opening. Never lacking fireworks.
2017-03-03: More turtle soup. Click here for the second wk's upload.
2017-02-24: Turtle soup has been served this week. Click here for the games with the Turtle Back Cannons. The games are also out on my facebook channel. I hope to upload at least 2000 videos to my youtube channel over the next few years, and have arranged the matches of the greats and categorized them as best as possible. For example, type Wang Tianyi and you should find all the matches that I have uploaded with the young grandmaster as a playlist on youtube.
2017-02-17: The comments to GM Liu Dianzhong's games are out. They are also out on my youtube channel. Adding a lot of playlists so that you can search for game easily. Hope to upload at least 3000 games over the next few years onto youtube.
2017-02-10: Part 2 of the Shanghai C49 is out. It is also out on my facebook channel. Check out Selected Games for more.
2017-02-03: Part 1 of the Shanghai C49 is out. It is also out on my facebook channel.
2017-01-27 Happy New Year! The midgames with commetaries the past wk are now out. Please click here. Will be going on a short trip with my family. But there will still be uploaded boards.
2017-01-20: Hope you enjoyed the midgames with commentaries the past wk. Click here for the comments.
2017-01-13 Black Friday... LOL. Games with commentaries to the Hu Ronghua games are now out. Click here ...
2017-01-06 Happy New Year!!! The commentaries to the boards this wk (midgames, capture vs counter-capture) is now out. Click here . Or here for the page on selected midgames where more similar stuff can be found.
2016-12-23: The commentaries to the opening series by Master Huang are now out. Click for the Left Riverbank Horse Variation and the Same Direction Cannons. I will take the last wk of the year off as a break to reflect on my website. Will still post if there are any interesting articles. See you guys next year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The 2016 archives are also out now. 

This picture was provided by Dr Rene Gralla. Xiangqi is everywhere!
 It is a scenic venue at the Yu Garden in Hamburg, Germany. It is a replica of the original in Shanghai. Dr. Rene Gralla (left) and Mr. Li Feng (right) from Confucius Institute (CI) Hamburg try out the innovative XiangQi scenario with figurine pieces in 3D whilst being watched by Ms Min Zhou (center left) - she is the wife of Mr. "Romeo" Zhong Xue who is the Spokesman and General Coordinator of the European XiangQi Federation (EXF) - and Ms Wu Yin (center right) who teaches Chinese language at the CI Hamburg.

Photo by Bernd-Juergen Fischer and donated by Dr Gralla.

Ps: the chess board and chess pieces were painted by Dr Gralla himself!

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