The Game that Lost Huashan

I was surfing the net when I found this game at the following url:  .
It was alleged played about 1000 years ago by Zhao Kuangyin赵匡胤 and Chen Bo 陈抟.
For those not familar with history, Zhao was the person who overthrew the Tang dynasty to set up the Song Dynasty at about 1000 AD. There was not much information about this game except that the wager was for Huashan, one of the great mountains in China. A huge wager!
If Chen won, he would get Huashan. There was not too much other information that I could find.
The attacks went back and forth. Nice game. There was a little bit of cunning outside of the board in this one...
I am unable to proove the validity of the game but then I am not a scholar of history. So, if anyone can update me or give me more information, please tell me at or . Thanks! Enjoy!
2012/03/19 : I found a short passage in a newly bought book and has made updates to the game...

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Last updated: 19th March 2012

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1. <<車馬兵--妙殺技巧>> by Li Geng

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