The 16th Five Rams Cup 1995
第16届 五羊杯 p01

This has been the hardest year to collect games and present them in the entire 5 Rams Cup series. For some unknown reason, the games that I have browsed and search for on the net are either limited, spoilt or wrongly classified. After some help from Chris Hankinson, and at least 30 times over a period of 2 months on the net just trying to find the games, I give up. If anybody has the complete collection of games, nicely arranged according to date...please email me at . You will be VERY appreciated. Even classifying the games was a nightmare. There will be mistakes, even with the please tell me. I hope to be able to publish the entire collection one day.
It is the best that I can do, presenting the incomplete games of the 16th 5 Rams Cup tournament. It was held in December 1995.
Because the games are of highest level of play, I dare not annotate the moves for fear of misleading the reader with my limited skills. Enjoy!

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