The 12th Five Rams Cup 1992
第12届 五羊杯 p03

These are the some of the games from the 12th 5 Rams Cup tournament. It was held at in the beginning of 1992.
Grandmaster Lv Qin won the tournament 3 times in a row and got to keep the coveted cup, the second man in history after Hu Ronghua who had accomplished the same feat a few years back. He bags this tournament again, making it 4 times in a row.
There were 4 competitors in this tournament: Liu Dahua, Li Laiqun, Lv Qin and Xu Tianhong. Zhao Guorong and Hu Ronghua did not take part in this competition. GM Yang Guanlin and Li Yiting had already retired a few years back.
The data that I have seems incomplete after rechecking with several internet sources. Unfortunately, I do not have any book that covered this competition. If anyone has corrections to make, please tell me!
I have chosen to present the games according to the date played.
Because the games are of highest level of play, I dare not annotate the moves for fear of misleading the reader with my limited skills. Enjoy!

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