2013 European Championships

A million thanks must be given to Mr Antonio Guberti ( President of FIX , or the Italian XiangQi Federation , aka Federazione Italiana XiangQi) for graciously giving the records of the 2013 European championships. There are 100 records in all. And I have tried my best to change and categorize the pdfs he gave me into cbr files for better viewing. Competition must have been very pressurizing as I have had some trouble deciphering the notations. I scrawl all the time as a doctor myself, and have some experience with occult handwriting Foot in mouth ... Anyway, I have tried my best.
These files, in my opinion, are historical in nature, for they represent the spread of XiangQi outside of China or Asia for that matter at the turn of the 21st century.
Will slowly upload the games over the weeks, so that all can see what the best of Europe has to offer.
A very noteworthy point to mention is that the Champion of the tournament, 薛洪林 Xue HongLin was a  new champion and relatively unknown to the XiangQi scene in Europe, and in China for that matter. I think that an interview has been conducted with him, but I cannot seem to find the url link or other related stuff.
If anyone wants to help out in presenting the games (which I really doubt so...) or has anything else to offer about this tournament, please email me at xqinenglish@gmail.com or admin@xqinenglish.com .


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Will try to reorganize the files in a better fashion when I have the cbr files done...

First created: 11th July 2013
Last updated: 6th Sept July 2013

Master Reference:
PDFs of the tournament records in the 2013 European Championships.
Actual game records from some of the players themselves: Mr Marc-Antoine Nguyen (Fra) , Mr Rikard Skotnicki (Sve) and Mr Martin Berger (Ger). Thanks a million!

Mr Antonio Guberti for sharing!!!
Mr PHUNG Kim Dang for sharing with us his game in round 7, which ended in a draw against the eventual champion!

Mr Marc-Antoine Nguyen (Fra) , Mr Rikard Skotnicki (Sve) and Mr Martin Berger (Ger). Thanks a million!

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