Commented Games 20131206
Master Wang Yang 汪洋 W
Master 宋国强 Song GuoQiang
2005 QiXin Golf Tournament

ECCO:B36 五八炮對反宮馬
ECCO:B36 58 Cannons vs Sandwiched Horse Defense

This was from a file I found over the internet.
Master Wang Yang 汪洋 took on Master Song GuoQiang 宋國強 in this A League match back in 2005. It was a very exciting match, with more focus on the midgame and endgame. Commentary was provided primarily by Master Wang, but I did manage to find a second independent commentary
by Master Huang ShaoLong and have combined the two into this one board.
Two boards have been added for you to compare variations or the game at different points in time.
Have Fun!

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First created: 6th Dec 2013
Last updated: 6th Dec 2013.
Reference: Internet file
Master Zhang Jiang for his very practical comments.

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