Commented Games 20131129
Master 金波 Jin Bo L
Master 郑惟桐 Zheng WeiTong
2010 Chinese National Singles Championships

ECCO:C71 五七炮對屏風馬進3卒右馬外盤河
ECCO:C71 57 Cannons vs Screen Horse Defense with 3rd Pawn Advancement and Right Riverbank Horse Variation.

This was from yet another file I found over the internet.
Master Zheng WeiTong from SiChuan province shows his stuff in this short but very exciting match against Master Jin Bo, who hails from ShenYang, LiaoNing County. Very exciting match which shows how a mistake would lead to a quick loss.

Two boards have been added for you to compare variations or the game at different points in time.
Have Fun!

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First created: 29th Nov 2013
Last updated: 29th Nov 2013.
Reference: Internet file
The unknown commentator who would seem to be a very strong player himself!

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