Commented Games 20130828
GM 徐天紅Xu TianHong W
GM 許銀川Xu YinChuan
1990 Chinese National Singles Championships

ECCO:A11 順相局
ECCO:A11 Same Direction Elephants

This was from a file found over the internet which showed a game played in the 1990 Chinese National Singles Championships. And this is one of the best games that I have seen in some time.
Red was "The Laughing Buddha" GM Xu TianHong and his opponent was "the Deity", GM Xu YinChuan.

Commentaries were provided by at least 3 different sources. Very nice ones too!
Two boards have been added for you to compare variations or the game at different points in time.
Have Fun!

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First created: 28th Aug 2013
Last updated: 28th Aug 2013.
Reference: File from the internet.
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