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GM 趙鑫鑫Zhao XinXin W
GM 趙國榮Zhao GuoRong
2008 Televised Rapid Chess Match
2008 廣東體育頻道 電視快棋賽

ECCO:D04 順炮橫車對直車
ECCO:D04 Same Direction Cannons: Ranked Chariot vs Filed Chariot

The Same Direction Cannons has always been one of my favorite openings. No-nonsense, very direct and full of excitement. This is especially so when the GM's do it. This game was played in a televised match back in 2008 and there were only 4 participants: GM Xu YinChuan, GM Tao HanMing, GM Zhao XinXin and GM Zhao GuoRong, who were placed 1st to 4th in the that year's coveted Five Rams Cup 五羊杯(which is now, sadly...defunct).

is the link to a youku video, provided by Chris Hankinson. 
This was from one of my books, authored by GM Jiang Chuan. GREAT GAME! Enjoy!

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First created: 3rd May   2013
Last updated: 3rd May 2013.
<<巔峰對決>> by GM 蔣川 Jiang Chuan.
Chris Hankinson for providing the link.

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