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GM Hu Ronghua胡荣华 W
GM Zhao GuoRong赵国荣
1984 KunHua Cup
1984 “昆化杯”象棋大师赛

ECCO: D40 Central Cannon vs Left 3 Step Tiger with Opposite Direction Cannons Variation
ECCO:D40 中炮對左三步虎轉列炮

Today's uploaded game took place in the 1984. I was bored and was browsing through my annotated games list and I found that I had too little GM Hu RongHua games. I flipped through some of the recent magazines that I bought and found this short but superb game that was played in the 1984 DunHua Cup, whereby only Masters and above were eligible.
GM Hu went up against GM Zhao GuoRong (who had not made GM then, but was already a force to be reckoned with). Both are sure to enter the history books. This is a textbook game, from the opening to the midgame, to the kill.
Commentary was provided from the Xiangqi Magazine and I searched through my books to find that Master Huang Shaolong had also commented on this game in one of his books.

Two boards have been provided for you to compare the variations. Enjoy!!!

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