Annotated Games 20121022
GM Liu DaHua 柳大華 W
Master Liang WenBing梁文斌
1983 DunHuang Cup
1983 敦煌杯

ECCO D05 Same Direction Cannons: Ranked Chariot vs File chariot with riverbank chariot variation.
ECCO:D05 順炮橫車對直車巡河

Today's uploaded game took place in the 1983. It was found in a recent edition of the periodical "Xiangqi". Master Huang Shaolong also commented on this game in one of his books. And I have searched through my database to find a similar game played in 1995. I have combined the comments and moves from these three sources (took me a long long time) to present this.
GM Liu DaHua takes on Master Liang Wenbing, aka the gold medallist coach for having coached quite a few national champions in this game. Master Liang had the same placing as famed Master Huang Shaolong way back in the late 70's and 80's ( I cannot remember).

Two boards have been provided for you to compare the variations. Enjoy!!!

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The 546th Edition of "Xiangqi" ,  <<象棋>>2012 下 第四期
Master Huang ShaoLong's <<鬥炮烽火>>

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