Annotated Games 20121008
Zhang Shenhong 张申宏 L
GM Xu Yinchuan 许银川
2004 Chinese National Singles Tournament

ECCO C42 Central Cannon with 7th Pawn Advancement vs Screen Horse Defense with 7th Pawn Advancement with Edge Cannon for Chariot Exchange Varation
ECCO:C42 中炮過河車互進七兵對屏風馬平炮兌車

Today's uploaded game took place in the 2004 Chinese National Singles Championship. This board was found on the internet and was seemed to have been commentated by Master Liang Wenbing, aka the gold medallist coach for having coached quite a few national champions. Master Liang had the same placing as famed Master Huang Shaolong way back in the late 70's and 80's ( I cannot remember). I have always loved reading Master Liang's works and his analyses are always precise and his comments a plain pleasure to read as you will see why.
Master Zhang Shenhong takes red against GM Xu Yinchuan. This board was chosen as it is an actual example of the opening boards that I have been uploaded recently. Click here for the relevant GM Liu Dianzhong introduction. Took me quite some time but I am glad that I found it. Hope it improves your learning experience as it did mine!

Two boards have been provided for you to compare the variations. Enjoy!!!

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