Annotated Games 20121005
GM Zhao Xinxin趙鑫鑫 W
IGM Ruan Chengbao阮成保
2009 WXF Heng Feng Cup

ECCO C04 : Central Cannon with 7th Filed horse vs Screen Horse Defense (with double cross river pawn ranked cannons)
ECCO:C04 中炮七路馬對屏風馬

Today's uploaded game was played in the 2009 Heng Feng Cup or better known as the 11th WXF Championships. Eventual Champion Zhao Xinxin took red against Runner Up Ruan Chengbao in this firework filled game.
Comments were given by GM Jiang Chuan and femal Master Liu Jun. An interesting point to note that is that GM Jiang Chuan met and played against GM Zhao Xinxin with the same opening in this year's Hanxin Cup, Please go to sg 20120607 to view that board ...

Two boards have been provided for you to compare the variations. Enjoy!!!
PS: Mr Chris Hankinson has donated a video of the actual match, a short one but one that has captured  that crucial move 18... LOL!

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1. <<顛峰對決--08-09象棋精彩對決講評>> by GM 蔣川 and Master 劉君

Mr Chris Hankinson for providing life, albeit short, footage of the game when it was played!
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