Annotated Games 20120806
GM Zhang Guofeng張國鳳 L
GM Hu Ronghua胡榮華
2008 九城置業杯 全國象棋超霸賽

ECCO C78 57 Cannons with 3rd Pawn Advancement vs Screen Horse Defense with 1st,3rd Pawn Advancement and right riverbank horse variation.
ECCO:C78 五七炮互進三兵對屏風馬邊卒右馬外盤河

This game was from one of my books, a more recent one. Commented by GM Jiang Chuan, this was a female vs male game and one of the rare appearances by the legendary GM Hu Ronghua who is in retirement or semi-retirement at most. The way the endgame was played was breathtaking. Much to be learned. GM Zhang Guofeng must also be commended for her stubborn play.
Two boards have been provided for you to compare the variations. Enjoy!!!

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