Annotated Games 20120629
GM Lv Qin吕钦 L
GM Lin Hongmin林宏敏
2004 Guannan Tanggou Cup
2004 首届"灌南汤沟杯"象棋大赛

ECCO D29 Same Direction Cannons: Filed Chariot vs Ranked chariot
ECCO:D29 順炮直車對橫車 or simply 顺炮直车两头蛇对双横车

This game was played back in 2004. GM Lv Qin goes up against GM Lin Hongmin in this team competition match. GM Lv had the lead most of the time until GM Lin played a very interesting cannon sacrifice! Have fun!
Two boards have been provided for you to compare the variations. Enjoy!!!

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