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GM Hu Ronghua胡荣华 W
GM Li Laiqun李来群
1991 Baoren Cup Same Direction Cannon King
1991 寶仁杯世界順炮王比賽

ECCO D11 Same Direction Cannons: Filed chariot vs slow chariot
ECCO:D11 順炮直車對緩開車

Another game with commentary found on the internet.
In 1991, an interesting tournament was held. In this tournament, players were only allowed to play the same direction cannons. Unfortunately, it was the first and also the last of its kind. Although I think a few years back, a competition was organized on the internet focusing on the Central cannon with 3rd Pawn Advancement vs Screen Horse Defense ( I cannot recall the details clearly) , to my knowledge, there have never been any more opening specific competition being held. Maybe it is because the livelihoods of the professional Xq players have to be taken care off...
Anyway, competitors were invited from all over the world. GM Hu Ronghua eventually became king. This game was off especially important because his opponent was the only person that could have threatened his superiority in the tournament, GM Li Laiqun . GM Li Laiqun took to real estate not very long after to make his fortune. The battles between this 2 GMs are legendary. This game was played at the height of his prowess. Other interesting points to take note of was that female GM Hu Ming also took part.
Two boards have been provided for you to compare the variations. Enjoy!!!

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