Annotated Games 20120520
GM Tao Haming陶汉明 L
GM Wan Chunlin万春林
North vs South (Date Unknown)
南北對抗賽(Date Unknown)

ECCO E17 Angel's Pawn with Left Central Cannon variation vs Thundering Defense with Same Direction Cannons variation.
ECCO:E17 仙人指路轉左中炮對卒底炮轉順炮

I found this game in two different files on the internet. Unfortunately the year was in which the game was played was not known. It seems to have been a North vs South match and if I recall correctly, only GMs were allowed to participate. It should have been played in the late 90's or early 21st century.
North's representative GM Tao Hanming takes on South's GM Wan Chunlin in this very interesting game. GM Wan used a very interesting opening. The midgame and endgame is also very interesting.
Commentary was provided by GM Liu Dianzhong 劉殿中 and GM Shan Xiali 單霞麗 in two different files which I have painstakingly combined into one file. 

Two boards have been provided for you to compare the variations. Enjoy!!!

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