Annotated Games 20120317

GM Zhao Xinxin 赵鑫鑫 L
GM Liu Dianzhong刘殿中 2010 2004 A League
General's Cup 

ECCO : E37 Angel's Pawn with Left Central Cannon vs Thundering Defense with Left Elephant Variation.
ECCO:E37 仙人指路转左中炮对卒底炮飞左象

These were some of the games that were found on the net by a friend.
It was a game played by GM Zhao Xinxin against GM Liu Dianzhong. GM Zhao was already making a name for himself but was still not a GM yet.
Both players are known for their super aggressive styles. Indeed, the game was very exciting. 

The commentaries of this game were given by GM Zhuang Yuting. Very nice comments too. Have fun!

Two boards have been provided for you to compare the variations. Enjoy!!!

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