Xiangqi Tournaments:

Baoren Same Direction Cannons King Tournament

In 1991, a rather interesting international tournament was held: the Baoren Same Direction Cannons King Tournament.
In this tournament, only the Same Direction Cannons were allowed as the only opening. This was to determine the King of the Same Direction Cannons, which is one of the oldest, if not THE oldest opening in Xiangqi. To date, there has NOT been any other tournament similar in nature to the Baoren tournament held. Maybe the livelihoods of the professional Xq players have to be taken into consideration.
A similar event held by the same organizer had been organized in Taiwan in the 70's or 80's. Unfortunately, I have not been able to gather more information about this tournament. If anyone has more information to share, please email me at xqinenglish@gmail.com or admin@xqinenglish.com . All comments and information will be highly appreciated.
As this was an international competition, players from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Canada, Holland, Germany, Canada etc ...gathered in Kunming, China. I do not think I have the full list of the games played, but I have painstakingly organized the games played according to the ECCO system of opening.
GM Hu Ronghua won the tournament, being the first and last ever (to date), undisputed King of the Same Direction Cannons. Representing China was also female GM Hu Ming.


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