Below is a collection of the games played by the greats of Xiangqi. There are dozens of Xiangqi tournaments taking place in different parts of the world at any moment in the world. It would be impossible to show all the games. I will however try to select games played by the masters and/or grandmasters and I will try to annotate the games as much as possible when I have the time.  As I know next to nothing about database building, I will try to sort the games in order of the names of the competitions and the years held. And please forgive me if some of the games are a little bit outdated. And as my own skill level is limited, sometimes I cannot see through the beauty of the moves made, so if you find anything wrong with my explanation, TELL ME!!!
I have always believed that each game played by the masters and grandmasters are full of things to learn from, be it the openings, the midgames or the endgames. Try to soak up as much as possible, for it is through imitation that we learn best.
Mistakes will be made so please contact me should you find any and I will correct them ASAP. Please click on the games that you would want to see. Have fun!
If you itch for more games, the WXF database by Mr Peter Sung is most impressive!

Best of the best. The 6th best games played (1956-1983)     

Selected Annotated Games:  2012 , 2013 , 2014 (highly recommended)

Selected contributions from different sources

2008 Computer Olympiad Games (incomplete) 01 
2017 World Xiangqi Doubles (CV paired with NCNV player)

Major Tournament Games:
Five Rams Cup  五羊杯      
YinLi Cup 银荔杯     
Baoren "Same Direction Cannons" King Tournament 宝仁杯象棋世界顺炮王争霸战
2013 European Championships
2016 European Championships 01 02 03
2016 World Xiangqi Open
A League Matches
Chinese National Individual Championships
Chinese National Team Championships

Interesting historical games:
The Game that yielded Huashan. Zhao Kuangyin 赵匡胤 vs Chen Tuan 陈抟   

2016030720160311 SDC Games by GM Yang Guan Lin.
2016042520160429 GM Hu Ronghua's Elephant matches
2016050220160506 More GM Hu Ronghua's Elephant matches
2016050920160513 GM Hu Ronghua's matches 01
2016061520160617 GM Hu Ronghua's matches 02
2016062020160625 GM Hu Ronghua's matches 03
2016062720160701 GM Hu Ronghua's matches 04
2016070420160708 GM Wang Tianyi Games 01
2016071120160715 GM Wang Tianyi Games 02
2016071820160722 GM Wang Tianyi Games 03
2016072520160729 GM Wang Tianyi Games 04    
2016080120160805 GM Zhao Xinxin matches 01
2016080820160812 GM Zhao Xinxin matches 02 
2016081520160819 China GM Tan Hanming vs Taiwan GM Wu Kui Lin Best of 10 !
2016082220160826 GM Wang Jialiang's Same Direction Cannons
2016082920160902 GM Yu Youhua's Elephant Games.
2016110420161111 GM Jiang Chuan's self commentaries
2016112820161202 Mixed Collection of GM games.
2016120520161209 IGM Wu Guilin's games.
2017010920170113 Elephant games by Hu Ronghua.
2017013020170203 Shanghai C49 ...   2017020620170210 Shanghai C49 part 2
2017021320170217 GM Liu Dianzhong self annotated games (5 matches)  
2017022020170224 Turtle Back Cannons... part 1 , 2017022720170303 part 2     
2017030620170310 The Crazy E47 ... 20170317 E47 part 2, E47 part 3.
2017032020170324 Mandarin Duck Cannons part 12017032720170331 part 2, 2017040320170407 part 3, 2017041020170414 part 4.

... more to be added

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Mr Felix Tan for his generous contributions.
Mr Chris Hankinson for his time and generous contributions.
Mr Georg Jeiter for great suggestions for the links
Mr Agostino Guberti for sharing the game records of the 2013 European championships
French Grandmaster Marc Antoine Nguyen for sharing the 2016 European championships.

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