This is the third page of annotated games, to mark the third year (2014, and I had started in 2012) for uploading them on my site.
Like the many annotated games that I have uploaded previously, I have searched the net, browsed through books and magazines and tried to get more than one source of comments to give the best annotated games possible. They represent what I hoped to have had many years ago when I started to learn the game.
I hope to be able to upload at least 50-100 games per year so that you would at least have an actual match filled with commentaries to learn from.
Try to soak up as much as possible, for it is through imitation that we learn best.
Mistakes will be made so please contact me at should you find any and I will correct them ASAP. Please click on the games that you would want to see. Have fun!
If you itch for more games, the WXF database by Mr Peter Sung is most impressive!
PS: the ECCO classification for the opening is listed at the end, just in case you want to do some study.

Selected Annotated Games
20140103 : GM Zhao GuoRong W GM Liu DaHua. 2006. C71 
20140122: GM Hu RongHua W Master Zhu YongKang. 1978. C44 

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Click here for the 2013 page on annotated games collected from various sources.

First Created: 3rd Jan 2014
Last updated: 22nd Jan 2014
Mr Felix Tan for his generous contributions.
Chris Hankinson for his time and generous contributions.
Mr Georg Jeiter from Germany for various mistakes found and corrections made.
Mr Peter Sung of the WXF for his incredible database of games.

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