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Below is a collection of various annotated games that I have done.
Try to soak up as much as possible, for it is through imitation that we learn best.
Mistakes will be made so please contact me should you find any and I will correct them ASAP. Please click on the games that you would want to see. Have fun!
If you itch for more games, the WXF database by Mr Peter Sung is most impressive!

Selected Annotated Games
20120207 Entry : GM Sun Yongzheng W GM Lv Qin. 2011 Chinese National Singles Championships.
20120220 Entry : GM Zhao Xinxin W GM Zheng Yihong . 2010 Wudangshan Cup.
20120223 Entry:  GM Zhao Guorong W Master Cai Yi. 9th Round of the National Championships 2010.
20120226 Entry : Master Huang Zhufeng W Master Li Xuesong. 2010 A league.
20120229 Entry : GM Hong Zhi L Master Jin Song. 2010 A league.
20120301 Entry : GM Yu Youhua L GM Xu Tianhong. 2010 Shunde Cup.
20120303 Entry : GM Liu Dahua W Master Hao Jichao. 2010 A league.
20120304 Entry : Master Zhu Xiaohu W GM Zhao Xinxin. 2010 A League.
20120307 Entry : Master Pan Zhenbo L Master Zheng Weitong. 2010 A League.
20120310 Entry : Master Zheng Weitong W GM Lv Qin. 2010 Chinese National Singles Championship.
20120313 Entry : GM Hong Zhi L GM Sun Yongzheng. 2010 Chinese National Singles Championship.
20120314 Entry : GM Lin Ye W GM Huang Zijun. 1981 Chinese National Female Singles Championship
20120315 Entry : Wang Ruixiang L GM Zheng Yihong.
2010 Chinese National Singles Championship.
20120317 Entry : GM Zhao Xinxin L GM Liu Dianzhong. 2004 Generals Cup.
20120318 Entry : GM Bu Fengbo W GM Tao Hanming. 2004 Generals Cup.
20120319 Entry : GM Liu Dianzhong L GM Zhao Guorong. 2004 Generals Cup. 
20120320 Entry : Master Li Hongjia W GM Liu Dahua. 2004 Generals Cup.
20120322 Entry : GM Xu Yinchuan W GM Hong Zhi. 2006 Jiazhou Cup. 
20120323 Entry : GM Xu Yinchuan W GM Lv Qin. 25th 5 Rams Cup.
20120324 Entry : GM Lv Qin L GM Liu Dahua. 2005 Nianhai Friendly.
20120325 Entry : GM Tao Hanming L GM Xu Tianhong. 2005 4th Jiazhou Cup.
20120326 Entry : GM Xie Jing W GM Bu Fengbo E32  A League Match
20120328 Entry : GM Zhang Guofeng W GM Ouyang Qilin. 2004 Chinese National Xiangqi Team Championships, Females Section.
20120329 Entry : Master Dang Fei W GM Jiang Chuan. 2006 Jiaotong Jianshe Cup.
20120330 Entry : GM Xu Yinchuan W Master Wang Yang. 2006 Chinese National Xiangqi Singles Competition
20120424 Entry : GM Hong Zhi W GM Zhang Guofeng. 2006 Qixin Golf Xiangqi Championship.  
20120426 Entry : Master Shang Wei L GM Hu Ronghua. 1990 Chinese National Singles Championship.
20120503 Entry : GM Liu Dahua W GM Hu Ronghua. 1976 Friendly 
20120506 Entry : GM Yu Youhua L GM Lv Qin. 1978 Chinese National Youth Championships.
20120507 Entry : GM Lv Qin W GM Wang Jialiang. 1980 Chinese National Team Championship.
20120510 Entry : GM Xu Yinchuan W Master Yan Wenqing. 1999 World Xq Championships.
20120511 Entry : Master Zhu Xiaohu L GM Hu Ronghua. 2005 "A" League Match.
20120515 Entry : GM Xu Yinchuan W Master Li Zhiping. 1996 Chinese National Singles Championships
20120519 Entry: Master Wang Yang W GM Liu Dahua. 2006 "A" League Match.
20120520 Entry: GM Tao Hanming L GM Wan Chunlin. North vs South .
20120522 Entry: Master Pan Zhenbo W GM Xu Yinchuan. 2005 Chinese National Singles Championships .
20120525 Entry: Master Chen Fujie L GM Lv Qin. 2004 15th Yinli Cup.
20120529 Entry: Zhou Xiaoping L GM Zhao Xinxin. 2006 Yang Guanlin Cup.
20120603 Entry: GM Hu Ronghua W GM Li Laiqun. 1991 Baoren World Same Direction Cannons King.
20120605 Entry: Master Liu Xing L GM Bu Fengbo. Best Same Direction Cannons game of 1981.
20120607 Entry 1: Liu Zongze L GM Chen Lichun. 2006 Yang Guanlin Cup
20120607 Entry 2: GM Jiang Chuan L GM Zhao Xinxin. 2012 HanXin Cup.
20120615 Entry: IGM Wu Guilin W Zhuang Hongming. 2009 Hanxin Cup.
20120629 Entry: GM Lv Qin L GM Lin Hongmin. 2004 Guanyang Tanggou Team Championships
20120630 Entry: GM Liu Dianzhong's lecture notes. D03 Cheng Jijun W Cheng Jinchao
20120702 Entry: Master Song Guoqiang W GM Miao Yongpeng. A60. 2006 A League.
20120725 Entry: Master Qiu Dong W Jing Xueyi. C78.
2004 General Cup A League (team)
20120727 Entry: GM Lv Qin L Master Yang Deqi. A43. 2006 Kaiwei Real Estate Cup.
20120729 Entry: GM Wang Bin W Master Nie Tiewen. C64. 2002 BGN.
20120804 Entry: GM Zhang Guofeng L GM Hu Ronghua. C78. 2008 九城置業杯 全國象棋超霸賽
20120908 Entry: GM/IGM Hu Ronghua W IGM Liu Boliang. A30. 1979 Asian Championships.
20120914 Entry: GM Hong Zhi D GM Liu Dianzhong. C45. 1999 Shaolin Cup.
20120917 Entry: GM Xu Yunchuan D GM Liu Dianzhong C23. 1999 National Singles Championships
20120924 Entry: GM Liu Dianzhong W Master Chen Xiaokun. 1985 National Singles Championships
20120928 Entry: GM Yu Youhua L GM Liu Dianzhong A10. 1985 Liu Quan Cup.
20120930 Entry: GM Hong Zhi W GM Yu Youhua C33. 2006 Jiazhou Cup
20121005 Entry: GM Zhao Xinxin W IGM Ruan Chengbao.C04. 2009 WXF.
20121008 Entry: Master Zhang Shenhong L GM Xu Yinchuan. C42. 2004 National Singles Championships.
20121022 Entry: GM Liu DaHua W Master Liang WenBing. D05. 1983 DunHuang Cup.
20121025 Entry: GM Hu RongHua W GM Zhao GuoRong. D40. 1984 KunHua Cup.
20121112 Entry: GM Xu Yinchuan W GM Liu Dianzhong. C39. 2007 Seven Stars Cup.
20121125 Entry: GM Liu DianZhong W Master Jiang ZhiLiang. C80. 1978 National Team Championships.
20121130 Entry: Master Li WangXiang W Master Xie ZhuoMiao. C04. 2007 National Singles Championships
20121202 Entry: GM Yang GuanLin L Master Zhao QingGe. D22. 1978 National Team Championships
20121207a Entry: Lv
JinRu D GM Zhang GuoFeng. A64. 12th Asian Championships 2003.
20121207b Entry: GM Li LaiQun L GM Hu RongHua. A64. ShangTong CPC King Cup. 1993.

20121217 Entry: GM Hu RongHua W GM Wang JiaLiang. A28. 1965 National Singles. (China)

20121224 Entry: Master Jing XueYi W Master Zhang ShenHong. C23. 2004 General's Cup
20121228 Entry: Master Li HongJia L Master Jiang Chuan C78. 2005 Qixin Golf Cup.
20121231 Entry: GM Li LaiQun W GM Hong Zhi. A31. 2012 MaoShan Cup.

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Mr Felix Tan for his generous contributions.
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Mr Georg Jeiter from Germany for various mistakes found and corrected.
Mr Peter Sung of the WXF for his incredible database of games.

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