Practical Endgames by
the late Master Tu JingMing

The late Master Tu JingMing was a very well respected man in XiangQi circles. He had proven himself to be a very strong competitor and had also authored many very good books on XiangQi. In fact, the first ever XiangQi Dictionary was written by him. He had also published quite a few books, including a few  XiangQi endgame dictionaries. I think these games have also been uploaded in the WXF, but I have chosen to re-do them.
Amongst his many contributions to XiangQi are these books on practical endgames: <<象棋實用殘局>> or "XiangQi Practical EndGames"
. They represent a dictionary or reference on various specific endgame scenarios which is a must read. I found this series of files over the internet and decided to add them to my site, to serve as a reference for post-game analysis should various situations arise.
They are the basics and fundamentals of endgames. MUST LEARN.

The endgames cited also represent the effort I should have put in done years ago...

As in my other sections on endgames, the following format will be used for coding.
    Red's available pieces (no. of pieces + piecename) -- end result  -- Black's available pieces (no. of pieces + piecename)

For example,  1h sw 1a would mean that one horse is a sure win against one advisor.
And to make sure that the names are in the same order, the pieces will be placed in the following format:
 R >  H >  C  > P(bp or hp) > A  >  E or for those who know Chinese: 
 车 > 马 > 炮 > 兵/卒           > 士 > 象 
Therefore, if there are 2 cannons and 1 chariots, it will be 1r2c, not 2c1r.
The following abbreviations will be used for the end results:
SW= sure win必勝 , PW= positional win巧勝, HW= hard to win難勝, mostly a draw,
SD = sure draw正官和, PD= positional draw巧和, vs = when the outcome is dependent on who moves first.
bp = bottom pawn or low pawn, hp = high pawn.
Please click on the endgame you want to see. 
NOTE: ** have been added the pages or chapters that I recommend to read first if you are clueless! Otherwise, you may consider starting with the sure-win (sw) endgames.
PS: Art is my weak point, and so is computering. Anyway, I prefer content over a glossy facade with nothing else. So, please bear with me as I try to present the endgames in a classified manner.

Section 1 : Pure Pawn Endgames
     1p endgames:
**--> 1p hw 1a, 1p1e pw 1a , 1p pd 1c1a 
     2p endgames:
**--> 2p sw 2a, 1hp1bp pw 2a, 2lp hw 2a
p03 **--> 1hp1lp sw 2e, 2lp pw 2e (2 boards),  2ph hw
1a1e, 1hp1lp pw 1a1e
p04 **--> 2hp pw 1hp1e, 2p pw 1p1a, 2p d 1p1a, 2p pw 1a2e, 2p pw 2a1e
p05 --> 2p pw 1h, 2hp sw 1c
     3p endgames:
**--> 3p sw 2a2e, 1hp2lp hw 2a2e, 3p hw 1p2a1e, 3p w 1c2e, 3p hw 1c2a
p07 --> 3p1e pw 1c2a, 3tp pw 1h2e, 3p pw 1h2a (2 examples), 3p hw 1c1a1e


Section 2: Horse and Horse-Pawn Endgames
     1h endgames:
p08 **--> 1h sw 1a, 1h hw 1e, 1h pw 1e (2 examples)
p09 --> 1h pw 1p (3 examples) , 1h d 1c2a, 1h pw 2a
 1h1p endgames:
1h1hp sw 1a2e, 1h1tp hw 1a2e, 1h1hp sw 2a1e, 1h1tp hw 2a1e, 1h1tp pw 2a1e
p11 --> 1h1tp hw 2a2e, 1h1tp pw 2a2e (3 boards)
p12 --> 1h1tp d 1hp2a, 1h1tp1a pw 1hp2a, 1h1hp pw 1hp2a, 1h1tp hw 1hp2a
p13 --> 1h1tp sw 1h, 1h1tp d 1h1p, 1h1tp hw 1c, 1h1lp w 1h1a, 1h1hp pw 1h1e
p14 --> 1h1hp pw 1c1a, 1h1lp w 1c1a, 1h1tp pw 1c1a
p15 --> 1h1hp pw 1c1e, 1h1hp pw 1c1e, 1h1tp hw 1c2e, 1h1tp pw 1c1hp, 1h1tp pw 1h2a
1h2p endgames:
p16 --> 1h2p w 1h1a2e, 1h2p w 1h2a1e, 1h2p1a w 1h2a1e, 1h2p hw 1h2a2e, 1h2p hw 1c2a2e
2h endgames:    
p17 **--> 2h sw 2a2e, 2h sw 1h2a (3 examples)

p18 --> 2h1e sw 1c2a (3 examples) 
p19 --> 2h sw 1h2e (2 examples),
2h sw 1c2e (2 examples)

Section 3: Cannon and Cannon Pawn Endgames
1c endgames:      
**--> 1c1a sw 2a, 1c1a hw 2lp, 1c2a w 1hp1e, 1c2a hw 1hp1a
p21 **--> 1c1a1e hw 1a1e, 1c2a1e pw 1a1e, 1c2a pw 1h, 1c2a hw 1c
1c1p endgames:
p22 **--> 1c1hp w1 e, 1c1tp hw 1e, 1c1tp pw 1e, 1c1tp1e sw 1e,
p23 **--> 1c1tp pw 2a, 1c1tp d 2a, 1c1hp pw 1a1e
p24 **--> 1c1hp pw 1hp1a, 1c1hp pw 2p, 1c1hp pw 1p2a
p25 --> 1c1hp w 2e, 1c1hp1e w 1c, 1c1lp2a1e w 1c, 1c1lp1a1e w 2a1e
p26 --> 1c1hp1a2e sw 2a2e (2eg), 1c1hp1a1e pw 2a2e 01 (2eg), 1c1hp pw 2a2e (2eg)
p27 --> 1c1hp 1e pw 2a2e, 1c1hp1a pw 2a2e (2eg), 1c1tp1a2e pw 2a2e
p28 --> 1c1hp2a sw 1h1a, 1c1p2a sw 1c1a, 1c1hp2a1e w 1h1e, 1c1hp2a sw 1c1e
p29 --> 1c1p1a pw 1c1p, 1c2p2a1e sw 1c2a, 1c2p1a2e hw 1h2a2e, 1c2p2a2e hw 1c2a2e
2c endgames:    
**--> 2c hw 1c, 2c hw 2e, 2c sw 2a, 2c2e sw 2e
p31 --> 2c2e sw 2a2e (2 eg), 2c1a sw 1a2e
p32 --> 2c2a sw 1h2a, 2c2a sw 1c2a, 2c2a2e sw 1h2e
1h1c endgames:
**--> 1h1c sw 2a2e, 1h1c1a1e sw 1h2a, 1h1c1a1e sw 1c2a 
p34 **--> 1h1c1a2e sw 1h2e, 1h1c1a sw 1c2e, 1h1c1a1e w 1c2e
p35 **--> 1h1c2a2e sw 1h2a1e (2 examples), 1h1c2a2e sw 1h1a2e
p36 **--> 1h1c2a2e sw 1h2a2e (4 examples), 1h1c2a2e hw 1c2a2e
1h1cxp endgames:
--> 1h1c1p2a2e pw 1h1c2a2e, 1h1c1p2a1e pw 1h1c2a2e, 1h1c2p2a2e sw 2h1p2a2e,
             1h1c2p2a2e sw 1h1c2a2e, 1h1c2p2a1e w 1h1c2a2e

Section 4: Chariot and Chariot Combination Endgames
Pure 1r endgames:
p38 **--> 1r d 2a2e. 1r pw 2a2e (3 examples) 
p39 **-->1r pw 2tp1a, 1r hw 2tp1e, 1r pw 2hp2a, 1r hw 2hp2e, 1r pw 2hp2e
p40 **--> 1r hw 3p (2 egs), 1r pw 3p,
p41 **--> 1r hw 1h1hp1e, 1r pw 1h1hp1e (2eg).
p42 **--> 1r sw 1h2a (3eg)
p43 **--> 1r hw 1h2e, 1r pw 1h2e (3eg)
p44 **--> 1r hw&pw 1h1a2e, 1r hw&pw 1h2a1e
p45 --> 1r hw 1h1p2a, 1r1e pw 1h1p2a, 1rhw 1h2hp, 1r hw 1h2lp2a
p46 --> 1r hw 1c2e, 1r pw 1c 2e (4 examples), 1r1a1e pw 1c1tp2e
p47 --> 1r pw 1c2a, 1r pw 1c2p2a, 1r pw 1c2p (4 examples)
p48 **--> 1r hw 2h, 1r pw 2h (2 examples)
p49 --> 1r hw 1h1c, 1r pw 1h1c, 1r hw 2c, 1r pw 2c (2 examples)
1r1p endgames:
p50 --> 1r1hp1e pw 2hp2a2e, 1r1hp w 1c1a2e, 1r1hp1e w 1c1p2a, 1r1hp sw 1h2a2e (3 examples)
p51 --> 1r1p hw 1c2a2e, 1r1p pw 1c2a2e (3 examples)
p52 --> 1r1p sw 2h2a, 1r1p sw 1h1c2a, 1r1p sw 2c2a, 1r1p sw 2c2a1e, 1r1hp sw 2c2e (2 examples)
p53 --> 1r1bp hw 1r, 1r1bp pw 1r, 1r1tp hw 1r1e, 1r1tp pw 1r1e
p54 --> 1r1hp1e sw 1r2e, 1r1tp1a1e pw 1r2e, 1r1tp1a pw 1r2e (2 examples)
p55 -->1r1hp1e w 1r1a, 1r1tp1e hw 1r1a, 1r1tp1a pw 1r1a,1r1tp2a1e w 1r1a, 1r1tp1a hw 1r1a, 1r1bp1a pw 1r1a
p56 --> 1r1tp pw 1r1hp, 1r1tp hw 1r1hp, 1r1tp1a1e w 1r1hp
p57 --> 1r1hp2a2e pw 1r1tp, 1r1tp1a pw 1r1tp (2 examples), 1r1tp1a1e pw 1r1p2a
1r2p endgames
p58 -->1r1p pw 1r1c, 1r1p hw 1r1c, 1r1p2a pw 1r1a2e
p59 --> 1r2lp2a sw 1r2a, 1r2p2a2e pw 1r2p2a, 1r2p2a2e w 1r1a2e, 1r2hp2e d 1r2a1e
p60 --> 1r2p2a pw 1r2a1e, 1r2tp2a w 1r2a1e, 1r2tp2a2e d 1r2a2a2e (2examples)
1r1h endgames
p61** --> 1r1h2e sw 1r2a (2examples), 1r1h1a w 1r2a, 1r1h hw 1r2a
p62 --> 1r1h1a hw 1r2e 01, 1r1h1a1e hw 1r2e 02, 1r1h1e pw 1r2e 01, 1r1h1a1e pw 1r2e 02, 1r1h2e pw 1r2e 03
p63 --> 1r1h1a hw 1r2a1e, 1r1h2a2e pw 1r2a1e, 1r1h d 1r1p2a1e, 1r1h1a2e pw 1r2a2e (2 eg)
p64 --> 1r1h1p2a w 1r2a2e, 1r1h1p pw 1r2a2e, 1r1h1p2a2e w 1r1c1a2e, 1r1h1p2a2e w 1r1c2a
p65 --> 1r1h1p2a2e pw 1r1c1p2a, 1r1h1p2a2e hw 1r1c2a1e, 1r1h1p2a2e pw 1r1h2a, 1r1h1p1a2e pw 1r1c endgames
p66 -->  1r1c vs 1r1p, 1r1c hw 1r1e, 1r1c pw 1r1a (2 eg)
p67 -->1r1c2a w 1r1p2a, 274 1r1c1a w 1r2e, 1r1c2a2e pw 1r2a2e, 1r1c2a2e pw 1r2a2e
p68 --> 1r1c2a2e hw 1r1h2a, 1r1c2a2e pw 1r1h2a (3 examples), 1r1c2a2e pw 1r1h1p2a, 1r1c2a1e d 1r1h1p1a
p69 --> 1r1c1a2e pw 1h1c2a2e, 1r1c2a2e sw 1r1c, 1r1c1p1a sw 1r2a2e, 1r1c1p1a pw 1r1p2a2e (2eg)
2r endgames
p70 --> 2r d 1r2a2e, 2r pw 1r2a2e, 2r1a1e pw 1r2a2e, 2r2a2e pw 1r1p2a2e, 2r pw 1r2a2e
p71 -->2r sw 2h2a2e, 2r sw 2h2a2e, 2r d 1h1c2a2e, 2r d 1c2hp2a2e
p72 --> 2r sw 1r1c2e, 2r sw 1r1h2a, 2r1a pw 1r1c2a, 2r pw 1r1c2a, 2r hw 1r1c2a


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Master Reference:  <<象棋實用殘局>> by the late Master Tu JingMing屠景明, whose contributions to XiangQi are immeasurable.

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