The Big Four Endgame Puzzles
Wild Horse Roaming Fields

This is another one of the Big Four.  It is also one of the most complex of all time! Unlike The Gathering of the Seven Stars, red has a horse which adds interesting variations. Do not be fooled, there are many brilliant kills and counterkills! 
According to the ancient rules and AXF rules, it would have been ruled a draw in some of the variations. However, it would a black win if the modern day Chinese rules were adhered to.
This endgame puzzle first appeared in 1879 from the ancient manual 《蕉窗逸品》 , for which I am still struggling to try to translate…There are two variations to this puzzle which will be shown in the next page. They both involve adding an extra side pawn...

Anyway, this endgame puzzle was found on the internet, and the commentaries are basically derived from Xie Xiaxun's (see bio)《中国象棋谱》and a more contemporary study of The Bamboo Fragrance This is the url where I found the masterpiece in xq viewer format. 

It took me quite a few hours to subtitle them. There will be mistakes so tell me...
And to be very frank, I have never finished even one variation of the game in the past. Thank God for the Xq viewer...
Anyway, I am sure that you will get lost, so I have added 4 boards for your perusal.

Click here to see the next variation of this puzzle, also known as "The Big Chariot Horse Puzzle"!

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