Miri Sarawak 擂台賽
Miri Sarawak Xiangqi challenge

I am indebted to Mr Wong Man Sang from Brunei for allowing me to upload these photos that he had taken.
In ancient china, for various purposes, sometimes a 擂台 or challenge was set up whereby passers by or commonfolk could pit their skills against acknowledged experts in a certain area. It could be for martial arts or in this case, Xiangqi. In Miri, Sarawak, such a challenge was issued in 2012. I do not know the details of the competition but it seemed to be a timed challenge.
Mr Wong Man Sang has taken photos of this event and granted me permission to share with the world. This is one of the ways where people interact with other people using Xiangqi as a medium.


2012 Miri 美里, Sarawak 沙勞越, Xiangqi Challenge., held on 11/3/2012, from 9am to 2pm.


Slideshow : 2012 Miri Sarawak Xiangqi Challenge

First created : 20th June 2012
Last Updated: 20th June 2012
Mr Wong Man Sang, a very strong player himself!

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