Photos of Char Yong Cup in Singapore

These photos were taken by Mr Lau Mong Yong, Xiangqi coach and a very very strong player himself in Xiangqi. They show the kids going at it at the Char Yong Cup.
I would like to collect more photos to show how Xiangqi has impacted the lives of many. If you have anything original to share, please email me at or . Thanks!!!

Slideshow 2 : Char Yong Cup in Singapore. Photo courtesy of Mr Lau Mongyong, Xiangqi coach.


Scene of Char Yong Cup 2011 in Singapore. Youngsters go at it ferociously...

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First created : April 2011
Last Updated: 16th June 2012
Mr Lau Mong Yong for photos of the Char Yong Cup in Singapore.
Mr Chris Hankinson for many many many photos.
Dr Tseng Yichia for photos taken when he travels around the world.
And many many more!!!

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