2012 Macau Xiangqi Festival

Mr Peter Sung of the WXF has graciously allowed me to upload photos he took and collected recently of the 15th Asian Xiangqi Championships in 2011 held in Macau. There are snapshots of various  events that have been held earlier.
One major slideshow shows GM Lv Qin playing simultaneous Xiangqi against many participants who took part. There are also photos of a huge chessboard whereby expert commentators comment on the game in live time. This is Xiangqi. This is life!


GM Lv Qin. One of the best in the world and sure to enter the history books.

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Slideshow : 2011 Asian Individual Xiangqi Championships + Exhibition match by GM Lv Qin + Various other Photos

First created : 26th June 2012
Last Updated: 31st Aug 2012
Mr Peter Sung of the WXF for which I am heavily indebted!
Mr Felix Tan for pointing out a few mistakes to the date of the events held.

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