Peter Donnelly's Website on XiangQi

(Terence) Peter Donnelly’s book "Hsiang Ch’i: The Chinese Game of Chess", published in 1974, was the one of the first English-language introductions to XiangQi. In more recent years, Mr. Donnelly has maintained a popular website with information about the history, rules, and notation of XiangQi, as well as the six complete sample games from his book and a number of endings.
Because the XiangQi viewer on his site relied on the Java runtime environment, which is becoming less and less widely supported, Mr. Donnelly decided to close down the site and asked me to archive some of the material.
I salute you Mr Donnelly!

First Created: 24th July 2014
Last Updated: 29th July 2014

Acknowledgements: Mr Peter Donnelly for having done such a fine job!

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