This section is dedicated mainly to Xiangqi, away from the board and competitions. Xiangqi is deeply embedded in the Chinese culture. Here, I will try to collect different articles, photos etc. on Xiangqi and how it has affected our daily lives. There will also be a section briefly introducing the greats of Xiangqi, past and present. Please help to contribute articles and photos, related to Xiangqi and everyday life.

  Xiangqi Greats
 Photo gallery on Xiangqi and everyday life  
Hangzhou visit to Hangzhou Chess Academy at Tianyuan Building for 2016 Chess Forum 01 02   
 Dr. Rene Gralla's 3D Garden Xiangqi Set     

First created 2011
Last updated: 20170722
Acknowledgments: Hangzhou Coach Ma Tianyue for donating some photos.


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