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Thunder God Cannons 雷公炮

The Thunder God Cannons 雷公炮 is an interesting entity. It is an unorthodox opening that is sometimes used against the beginner. Red lines up the cannons in the center very early, slowing the development of his other chess pieces, and revealing his intentions of attacking from the center very early, in fact too early in the game. This would lead to drastic consequences.
However, I have opted to show this opening as it shows some of the ways whereby red can attack through the center. In the central cannon opening, everybody knows that the central cannon places pressure on the opponent's center. Yet, as black is often able to defend the center, most modern day openings (except for perhaps the central pawn advancement variations of certain openings) do not explain why or how the attack from the center can be done. This opening may be of an inspiration.
I found the file on the internet.
It is also the most complete modern day study that I have seen regarding this counter.
For people not familiar with Chinese folklore, thunder and lightning are thought to be governed by the Thunder God aka 雷公 and the Lightning Goddess aka 電母. And to be frank, although I have seen this opening before in very old manuals, I did not know the name. And to my knowledge thus far, there has not been any Lightning Goddess opening or counter...LOL.

Anyway, this opening may be interesting for the beginner.
2 boards have been given for you to compare the variations.

Thunder God Cannons

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1. An internet file which I found, the url which I forgot to jot down!

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