Questionable Positions and How To Attack
BY Master Yan WenQing and Master Zhang Qiang

One of the best series of books on openings (in my opinion) of ALL time is the three book series by Master Yan WenQing 閻文清 and Master Zhang Qiang 張強  published in the 1990's. I believe many visitors to this site have enjoyed "Deceptive Plays and CounterMeasures". This is another book in the trilogy and frankly speaking, the one I enjoy most as I myself often play those "funny" positions. LOL.
There are many videos by Master Zhang Qiang on youtube. Just google them and check the title shown.


Chapter 1: Same Direction Cannons (14 examples) : 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Chapter 2: Central Cannon vs Screen Horse Defense (22 examples):
                  09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 
Chapter 3: Opposite Direction Cannons and various related variations (5 examples):      
Chapter 4: Central Cannon vs Sandwiched Horse Defense ( 11 examples) :  
Chapter 5: Central Cannon vs Other counters (8 examples) : 
Chapter 6: Angel's Pawn Opening (8 examples) : 
Chapter 7: Elephant Opening (8 examples) :   

Appendix: Examples of Actual games played. 
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Note: * denotes MUST READ PAGES.  

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Last updated: 1st Jan 2014

Master Reference:
<<布局疑形與攻擊>> by
Master Yan WenQing 閻文清 and Master Zhang Qiang 張強. BEST!

Master Yan WenQing and Master Zhang Qiang for their brilliant series.

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