Section 1 Chapter 2
Central Cannon vs Screen Horse Defense 01

This is the beginning of chapter 2 and it deals with perhaps the most commonly played opening and counter: red's central cannon (CC) vs black's screen horse defense (SCH).
The first two boards are also MUST read for they are so practical. The reader, beginner, and intermediate alike, should know each of the variations by heart (still memorizing them). If I were to choose the most important must read examples, this would be the page.
I have added two boards for each example so that you can compare the variations for the same example, to have a more wholesome grasp of what went on.

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First created: 16th July 2013
Last updated : 20th July 2013
Master Reference:
<< 象棋騙著與對策 >> by Master 閻文清Yan WenQing and Master 張強 Zhang Qiang
The two venerable Masters for their contribution to Xq opening theory. The books they have wrote have influenced opening theory for the past 2 decades.
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