Chapter 5 CC vs SaH/SdH 04

Chapter Five deals with the Central Cannon against the Sandwiched Horse Defense (7 boards) and the Single Horse Defense (1 board).
This is a continuation of the previous page. One final board on the sandwiched horse defense is covered. The final board is the sole board in the entire book to discuss the single horse defense.
Although the single horse defense is now seldom used, it still has many diehard fans. But more importantly, it has been popularized again now that the Angel's Pawn is quite frequently played. When black answers with the thundering cannon and red counters with the central cannon, the moves that black makes are basically rooted in the single horse defense. That is why it is still a must learn opening for black.

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Openings discussed:

Boards 90:
ECCO:B30 中炮對反宮馬后補左馬
ECCO:B30 Central Cannon vs Sandwiched Horse Defense with late left proper horse.
Boards 89:
ECCO:B10 中炮對單提馬
ECCO:B10 Central Cannon vs Single Horse Defense.

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1. <<象棋新編教程--象棋布局精要>> by 刘殿中 GM Liu DianZhong and 齐津安 Qi JinAn
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