Chapter 4
Opposite Direction Cannons 01

Chapter Four deals with the Opposite Direction Cannons (ODC).  This chapter consists of only 6 boards and can be basically be divided into the traditional form of the odc and the newer ways to play it.
In the first page, we go back in history to see the traditional forms of the ODC, that is the big and the small variation of that opening. Nobody plays the big variation any more and this board explains why.
The small variation is still played, but in new ways. The board discussed here is the traditional way of playing.

Like the sdc, the odc is one of the oldest openings and is as volatile as the sdc. However, as red has the one move advantage by default, this would be more than enough for red to build on and win most of the time.

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Openings discussed:

Boards 78 and 79:
ECCO:D50 Central Cannon vs Opposite direction cannons.
ECCO:D50 中炮對列炮

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