Chapter 4
Opposite Direction Cannons 03

Chapter Four deals with the Opposite Direction Cannons (ODC) and its major variants
In the previous page, the basics of the left cannon blockade with the slow/deferred ODC variation was shown. In the first board of this page, another variation is shown whereby red plays H8+9.
The second board is concerned with black using the left 3 step tiger first, before playing the odc.
It is the only board given in the book.
Please refer to the relevant ECCO section for more on this opening.
Have Fun!

Openings discussed:

Boards 82:
ECCO:D34 中炮進三兵對左炮封車轉列炮
ECCO:D34 Central Cannon with 3rd Pawn Advancement vs Left cannon blockade with ODC variation.
Boards 83:
ECCO:D43 中炮對左三步虎轉列炮
ECCO:D43 Central Cannon vs Left 3 step tiger with ODC variation.

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