Chapter 2 Central Cannon vs Screen Horse Defense 28

Chapter two deals with the perhaps the most played opening and counter in Xiangqi today: the Central Cannon vs Screen Horse Defense.
There are 13 sections to this chapter. This is the section 10 in the book and it is the start of 5 boards on an important variation. In this variation, red pushes his right filed chariot very quickly to the opponent's pawn rank, without playing P7+1. Black would often end up playing the douhble headed snake pawn formation ( P3+1 and P7+1). And red would have to develop his horses via the center with P5+1.
Again, the ECCO classification is slightly different, demonstrating some of its discrepancies. However, as it is said on other areas on my website, the ECCO is thus far the closest thing that would allow a decent compilation and sorting out of the xq openings.
The breadth of this variation is tremendous and there are volumes written about it. However, 
GM Liu DianZhong introduces the most important variations as in the boards. 
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Opening discussed:
Board 52:
ECCO:C17 中炮過河車對屏風馬
ECCO:C17 Central Cannon with Pawn Ranked Chariot vs Screen Horse Defense
Board 53:
ECCO:C20 中炮過河車七路馬對屏風馬兩頭蛇
ECCO:C20 Central Cannon with Pawn Ranked Chariot and 7th Filed Horse vs Screen Horse Defense with Double headed snake pawn formation

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Master Reference:
1. <<象棋新編教程--象棋布局精要>> by 刘殿中 GM Liu DianZhong and 齐津安 Qi JinAn
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