Chapter 2 Central Cannon vs Screen Horse Defense 22

Chapter two deals with the perhaps the most played opening and counter in Xiangqi today: the Central Cannon vs Screen Horse Defense.
There are 13 sections to this chapter.
This is board 38 and the start of another big big variation: red's right ranked chariot with 7th file horse vs black's screen horse defense. This is a less volatile but still complex opening, allowing for better development of red's chess pieces and control of the game, but at a slower pace. The variations shown are still very often seen in competition nowadays.
 GM Liu DianZhong does a very nice introduction to this opening. In the first board, black uses the left riverbank cannon (C8+2) to counter. In the second board, black plays the right advisor and right elephant (A4+5 and E3+5) for defense.
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Opening discussed:
Board 38 and 39:
ECCO:C13 中炮右橫車對屏風馬
ECCO C13 Central cannon with Right ranked chariot vs Screen Horse Defense
Jim: Please note that a direct translation for this variation for red would be the Central Cannon with Right ranked chariot and 7th Filed Horse. This is to stress the importance of this left red horse in the game.

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Master Reference:
1. <<象棋新編教程--象棋布局精要>> by 刘殿中 GM Liu DianZhong and 齐津安 Qi JinAn
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